22 December 2009

embracing the new year

For as long as I can remember, I have been an adorer of all things related to fashion. My mom started it all when she put me in frilly dresses and curled my hair each day when I was young - she wanted her little girl to grow up in style, and her wish was granted. I've always relished in reading the glossy fashion magazines and shopping according to the trends, but I've never had an outlet to publish my own thoughts and true love of style. That is what I want this blog to be about - not ridiculously overpriced designer clothes or celebrities that have it all, because that isn't what style means to me. Style is being individual and embracing what makes you feel good. Clothes are meant to transform the body, whether it's according to your mood or just whatever is on your floor, clothes should reflect who you are as a person; Discovering Elegance will be a journey of my experience through fashion, and others experiences as well - upcoming trends, designers, and local talent will be showcased as much as possible. I plan to have a career in fashion one day, and all I can hope is that people like what I have to say, or as least respect it. If you don't have something nice to say, say it anyways - I'm not a lover of criticism, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. It's important to enjoy the process of life, which is why I can't wait to get started and begin discovering elegance in the everyday life of fashion!

Fashions may fade, but style is eternal. Yves Saint Laurent


One of my icons in more ways than one is Alexa Chung, star of her own talk show 'Its On With Alexa Chung,' which just finished its airing on MTV. A former model, Alexa has a style that is a mixture of grunge and girly accents, which I think make a perfect combination of hard and soft. Originally from London, she admits in an interview that coming to America was a difficult transition, but she definitely handled it in style. On her successful talk show, she has a strong opinion and never forgets to have fun; its rare to see a model who is so down to earth, and that's what makes her so beautiful inside and out!

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