27 December 2009

fashionista, meagan hall

This afternoon I met up with one of my good friends Meagan, who graciously agreed to be interviewed and was also a gorgeous model! We had a nice little Starbucks date and caught up on everything we don't already know about eachother. We then ventured into the cold and had a little photoshoot in JR park. Meagan and I both attend SFU and are aiming for our Bachelor of Arts in Communications; she's dating a wonderful guy Justin, has an older sister and a cute little brother, and is a definite fashionista at heart.

What are you wearing at this very moment?

Well, I have on my new red military-style coat that is BB Dakota, my new favourite brand, which, to my knowledge, is only sold at Off The Wall. My purple dress is from Urban Outfitters, white tights from Aldo Accessories, and black heeled boots from Zara.

What about your accessories?

Oh, well my ring is from Off The Wall as well, my headband is from Claire’s, and my purse is Juicy Couture!

That purse is gorgeous. Good pick Justin! All right, so, how would you describe your style?

My style is definitely comfy, but with a girly twist. I always tend to look like a doll - bows, little dresses, little girl tights, but comfortable. I don’t like uncomfortable fabrics, so most of my clothes are cotton, which I love.

So, comfy-cute! I’d describe you the same way. Okay, what are some of your favourite stores to shop in?

Well, I love Urban Outfitters, but I definitely have to pick over what they have. Some of their clothes are too urban, and a little out there for me – I would never wear a whole outfit from UO, but I’d pair one of their pieces with something else to make it more ‘Meagan.’ I love this new brand, BB Dakota – it’s only a label so far, but every time I go into Off The Wall I find something; it’s like this brand went into my head and made everythi
ng for me personally!

Ha, I love that. Anywhere else?

Le Chateau, for something a little more fancy, and Zara downtown always has cute things for great prices.

Good stuff! Okay, so tell me who you look to when discovering new styles – your ‘style icon.’

(After a lot of thought) You know what, I think I follow fashion blogs more than I follow a certain one person. I love the street blogs, such as the Satorialist and Style Quotient, because it’s real people. I like to look at how different people use layering, and I especially love all the winter styles – that way, I can work with what I already have instead of having to go out and buy something new.

That’s so true. And plus, celebrities are always shown in ridiculously overpriced clothing – how is that even possible to mimic in regular life?

Exactly. The blogs in Vancouver always post what the person is wearing, where it’s from, and how much it costs – usually very affordable, which is what ‘Discovering Elegance’ is all about!

Yes! I love that. Okay, so on to magazines – which one is your favourite read?

Definitely Cosmo, it is by far my favourite. I know there aren’t too many style sections, but I still love it. I also enjoy a good trashy read like Us Weekly; I don’t really look to magazines for fashion advice, like I said blogs are more my thing – I like magazines more for the gossip than anything.

Cool, very unique. So, if you had to work with any one designer, who would it be?

Oh, wow, now I just thought of a style icon. I am in love with Whitney Port, she is so cute! Her fashion line, Whitney Eve, is perfect because she’s just starting out and doing her own thing – her designs reflect how she would dress herself, which makes them so much more appealing. They’re cute and girly, but comfy at the same time, which is one hundred percent my style.

I knew you’d think of someone! Whitney is perfect, I love her as well. Okay, so I know as well as anyone that you’re in love with Hunter boots…

Oh my goodness yes. Love of my life!! Well, my hunt for rain boots has led to Hunter. I think rain boots are the tackiest thing ever, but Hunter’s are so chic – they’re tall so they don’t cut off your leg, and they don’t have a big chunky heel at the bottom. They look just like fancy boots, but they’re rubber!

Other than Hunter boots, are you a fan of any other trends that are out right now?

Well, I’m a big fan of the oversized scarf. But, you do have to wear it with certain things! It’s always in magazines, showing celebrities wearing big scarves when they’re shopping, with baggy jeans and a cute casual outfit. I have yet to pull it off…

That’s not true! When you wore it that one time it looked really cute.

Well, thanks! I’m also really into the boyfriend blazer; I just bought a cute one, BB Dakota, with scrunched sleeves and it’s a longer fit. I really like the menswear style over fancy dresses – and of course, I love anything with bows.

Of course, bows! Okay, tell me what your signature scent is.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson! No one has really heard of it, but it’s really sweet and smells delicious.

Well, final question! What are your future aspirations in life? I know you want to do something in the line of fashion?

Ah, the big question. Yes, I’m hoping to do something within the fashion PR world. After I’m done school, I’ve decided to go to Blanche Macdonald and take their Fashion Merchandising program there, then work my way up in public relations! I used to want to write for a magazine, but I think I’ll be better representing a fashion company and just be fabulous – that’s my goal!

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