20 January 2010

cover up in style

LUSTWORTHY TREND: Big chunky beautiful scarves

I've been meaning to do a lustworthy trend section on scarves for a while, and now I finally have the time. I looked for some great shots of celebrities and every day people that wear their scarves with flair, and it's even given me some inspiration to try new things (especially the oversized scarf that Meagan Hall loves oh so much). Enjoy!

Two of my own biggest celebrity style icons, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Bilson, artfully dress their scarves down with a bold colour and a bold label (don't we all wish we could afford Chanel). Perfect for those chilly but warm-enough-to-go-without-a-jacket days, or a coffee run to Starbucks.

If you want to wear the chunky knit scarves in style, take a tip from these two fashionable ladies. Found off of chictopia, there's nothing warmer than being bundled up in one of these scarves. Paired with gorgeous jackets and neutral colours, complete with boots, it's a perfect winter day outfit. The beige scarf can be found at Zara, $20

The infamous tube scarf - super popular these days, and very chic. If you do happen to venture towards this style, please take a tip from the girl on the left, and leave the girl on the right alone... a tube scarf and mint green cotton sun dress is not a perfect match, in my opinion! The beautiful patterend grey scarf with accents of turquoise can be found at urban outfitters, $34

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