20 January 2010

fashion stop: zara

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Coco Chanel

Zara is that shop that you walk into on Robson or Metrotown and its a little cluttered, a little big, but when you find something there, it's golden (and the price tag usually nicely fits into your budget). I was thinking about this store and looking through it's December lookbook and, wow, they sell some amazing pieces! More than that, this started to give me a whole new outlook on fashionable 'office wear,' for lack of a better term. So, if you're going for an interview or just feel like dressing up, Zara is the place for fashionable, affordable, and very crisp looking pieces that you can also incorporate into your every day style.

I am a huge huge lover of puffy blouses and sexy skirts paired with tights - these outfits are so classy, yet daring at the same time. A little Victorian and a little Parisian fused together. Definitely going to be on the hunt for some polka dotted nylons.

One word, jeggings. Or, jeans that are pretty much leggings. I think they are so fun and a great way to not only show off your curves, but play around with baggier clothing and cute heels. They're branded as TRF Jeans - fashionable and affordable!

I LOVE THIS HEADBAND. And that's that. And her belt paired with a neutral blouse (notice the button detailing on the shoulder, which I adore) - perfection.

I secretly dislike tshirts, I don't know why but I think I look absolutely terrible in them. But, I'm willing to make exceptions, especially this one ($20)! The screened-on image is super cute, and paired with dark jeans and a leather jacket, black flats, you've got a perfect day-at-the-mall outfit!

Unfortunately Zara didn't offer me any price range on these items, but everything is pretty much between $30-$100, depending on the fabric and what not. Happy shopping!

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