25 January 2010

fedora style, weekly outfit

This outfit I wore a couple weeks ago when I went shopping with my mom. It looked like it was going to rain so I donned my lovely gray fedora (halifax boutique, $15), which I happen to love. As many people know, I am a huge fan of hats, they are perfect for bad hair days and keeping my ears warm when it's cold! I had on an all-black outfit (dress american apparel $40; blazer H&M $60; boots spring $80) so I balanced it out with a pop of colour with a rose coloured scarf, which is from my previous workplace Chapter's (we sold gorgeous pashmina's around Christmas!) My textured tights were a gift from my mama for Christmas (sirens $10) - I think they're amazing and they dress up anything! I balanced out the gray in my hat with the gray in my fingerless gloves (american eagle $12)

Fedora's are great for any season! I have a cute beige one that is perfect for summer, just like Ashley Tisdale rocks hers perfectly with the white contrast. I love how Miley dressed hers down but kept it looking chic - a good accessory for the colder months! So, don't be afraid to wear hats, seriously - if you pair them with a casual-cute outfit, they're the perfect addition to your outfit.

Urban Outfitter's sells these super cute fedora's for $24! Aritzia and Target also have very affordable and cute hats as well ($12-$30) I know I'll be wearing mine in Mexico!

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  1. Hey! I just started a new blog, and yours is definitely one of the top favourites I've seen. It's so girly and glam, I love it. Not to mention you have a great fashion sense!

    I live in Vancouver as well (at UBC). Do you know where I can buy awesome fedoras??? I've heard there are hat shops around the city, but I've no idea where!!

    Thanks love.


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