06 January 2010

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This past week I celebrated New Years Eve in style with my gorgeous and fashionable best friends, plus I endured my first day of my second semester at Simon Fraser University. Even though I don’t really know anyone for my Wednesday classes, I dressed to impress anyways (just in case I ran into someone – like Micaela Monk who always looks so cute!) Here’s a couple pictures of my outfits – you’ll be surprised at how reasonable I bought everything for! I’m such a bargain babe.

New Years Eve is a great reason for us girls to get all glammed up – buy a new outfit, get our hair done, and maybe purchase a new pair of sexy heels. With money being tight though, I was just going to wear a dress from last year; but my amazing mom surprised me by buying me a super cute outfit for Christmas!

My gold bustier top is from Sirens – it came with a little black belt as well, which was perfect since I needed a new one ($19). My high waisted taffeta-style skirt with a large bow on the side is also from Sirens ($23)! The gold and pearl necklace is from Le Chateau ($15) and my great gold pumps, which I also wore for grad and are surprisingly comfy, are from Aldo (around $80). Oh, and my new lob haircut – 20$!

I loved this outfit that I wore because it just reminds me of Blair Waldorf circa Season One, when everything was tights, flats, and headbands. I recently bought my skirt from Aritzia, Talula brand ($70 – but I had a giftcard); I love it because of the zipper in the front and how well it fits! My black tank is from Tristan (on sale for $15), and my black cardigan with sequin detailing is from Costa Blanca, also something like $15. Cream tights are Urban Outfitters ($16), black flats with jewels from Joneve, designer Roberto Vianni ($35), my little black belt from Sirens (came with gold bustier top) and finally, my favourite headband which is featured below in ‘embellish me, please.’

I get made fun of sometimes for dressing up at school, but the way I see it, school is a place that surrounds itself in fashion! What I wear to school helps me remember cute outfits for other occasions, so I try them out beforehand to see how I feel in them, or how comfortable they are. I also get a lot of fashion ideas from what random people are wearing – the new trend I’m seeing is mustard coloured opaque tights! So don’t be afraid to dress up for boring old school – it’ll make it much more enjoyable, I promise.

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