02 January 2010

xxi twist: tres paris

I think I almost passed out when I went on to the Forever 21 website and saw that they had a new feature, XXI Twist: Tres Paris. I figured that I had to do a feature on my favourite outfits from the collection because it is almost like they found everything that I loved and threw it all into one store for the most incredibly reasonable price. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW AMAZING EVERYTHING IS. They’ve incorporated a Parisian colour scheme of black, cream, gray and red; French language dons the slouchy shirts, which is magnifique; and the skirts are either volume x 10 or sleek and sexy. Now, if only I could sneak out of class early and head to Metrotown on Monday…

Charcoal 'Ruffled Over Dress'
$35 Forever 21

This caught my eye right away, it is a total masterpiece. The silhouette would fit perfectly on any body type, accentuating those curves but hiding any padding in the back. It's a great colour, it has water resistant ruffles (seriously?) and a hood! Anything that looks fashionable and has a hood is rated A+ in my books. This jacket/sweater is perfect to wear on rainy days underneath another coat for extra warmth, or by itself with skinny jeans and bootie heels.

Gray 'Crochet Cap' and Black 'Rosette Gloves'
$11 and $8 Forever 21

Who can resist accessories that are as cute and inexpensive as these? This hat makes me melt - the little black bow and pearls make it sophisticated, but the crochet keeps it casual. I'm an adorer of hats, and I know that not everyone thinks they can pull them off, but this one is too cute to pass up. The gloves are so adorable and classy, without too much fuss. I can just picture these being worn with a boyfriend blazer, sleeves rolled up to expose the cream roses on the gloves! Tres chic, non?

Cream 'Lattice Back J'Aime Top' and Grey 'Belted Pinstripe Short'
$19 and $24 Forever 21

Okay, translation: j'aime mode = i love fashion. Can this top be anymore perfect? Oh yes, it can, because the wicked lattice back gives that extra bit of edge to a plain tee (not shown in the picture). I used to be partial to the trend of shorts in the winter, but I'm completely converted - when worn with opaque black tights, these pinstripe beauties are perfect for those mild winter days. Paired with flats or even boots, it creates a dressy-casual look!

My Three Favourites
Outfit (1) = Total $50
Outfit (2) = Total $38
Outfit (3) = Total $67

First of all, this model is stunning. These three outfits immediately jumped out at me, especially outfit (2), and look at that, it's the most inexpensive! Some memorable pieces are the eiffel tower message scarf and eiffel tower slouchy gray shirt, which I will definitely be snatching up in the near future. I also loved loved loved the cream skirt with coloured roses, and the volumized bow skirt! This collection makes me want to jump on a plane and fly to Paris... but since I can't do that any time soon, I'll make due with Tres Paris.

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