24 March 2010

g is for gossip girl, blair

The people who know me well, know that I'm a total sucker for Blair Waldorf fashion. There is something about that girl that screams chic. Recently though, I've been taking a liking to Little J and her black edgy ways, and even Serena (although she's a bit too vintage for my own style). I've chosen the infamous Gossip Girl for 'G,' because that little TV show has influenced my own fashion choices since Season One. I decided to choose my favourite looks from all of the three seasons combined to showcase; There's diversity in each of the three girls that can speak to anyone - be sure to watch new episodes Monday at 9pm!

First and foremost, I must start with Queen B. From day one her outfits have done nothing but amaze me! Classy and put together, with her signature headband and manipulative nature, she never fails to deliver great style. It took me forever to choose four favourite looks, but I finally decided.

I chose these two sophisticated outfits because of the absolutely amazing embellishment and bold details. Blair's deep red coat is to die for, but her bow brooch really makes the outfit - as does her smile! See how you can get a similar look below. And the drama queen herself completely outdoes herself in a stunning beaded Diane von Furstenberg skirt and lace Nanette Lepore blouse. I love the soft and hard balance which adds a great edge to a prim outfit.

Oh, the ruffles. It's one of my favourite trends for the spring season, and Blair pulls it off perfectly. Her mint green Walter chiffon dress is iconic, paired with the raspberry Louise Green hat - I don't think anyone else could wear it as well as she does. In a more dramatic approach, the Bill Blass ruffled top is one of my favourite elegant, but sexy, looks Blair has ever worn. A simple black skirt is all she needed, a perfect backdrop to an incredible halter!

Not everyone can afford designer clothes (I know my bank account wouldn't allow it), so I pieced together these Blair-worthy outfits, but for half the price! The first look is a Keegan plaid coat ($50) -  paired with cream tights and a black hobo purse (like this one, Forever 21 $30) is perfectly accented with the bow brooch, mimicking Blair's. ($14 Oasis.com) For a more girly and Audrey Hepburne inspired look, this ruffled chiffon dress from Nordstrom ($68) is perfect offsetted with a beaded corsage necklace, simple black pumps ($20 Forever 21) and the signature bow headband ($5 Forever 21). I hope you embrace your inner Queen B - and if not, watch for Serena's laid back style coming up in a few days!

Generations of breeding and wealth had to come together to produce me. I have more in common with Marie Antoinette than with you. You may be popular at some step-Ivy safety school, but the fact is the rabblers still rabble and they need a queen. Blair Waldorf


  1. I so love GG and esp. Blair. Thanks for sharing!

  2. where can i find that coat?

  3. Thanks for reading Maggie!

    And, you can find the red plaid coat at delias.com! Just search for Keegan Plaid Coat.


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