03 April 2010

g is for gossip girl, jenny

It's time for Part III: Little J, the rags to riches blondie that seems to somehow always land herself in trouble (I do admire her courage to stand up for who she is - I'd be scared of Blair). She's certainly had a style overhaul from season to season; but despite some very out-there outfits, I've taken a liking to her edgy black ensembles, complete with red lips and platinum hair. The poor girl lives in the shadow of Blair and Serena, so she has to stand out somehow. I've chosen to do good girl vs. bad girl with the outfit choices - it's bright colours against all black, headbands taking on leather jackets. So let me ask this question: Which side do you think is the real Jenny Humphrey?

What a difference a couple seasons can make! I will admit, a little attitude suits Jenny well. Even though I am in love with her Valentino coat and bag, plus the deep red Moschino heels are very cute, this gray Loeffler Randall cape coat makes me weak in the knees. Paired with a gorgeous YSL Roady bag and midnight blue bootie heels, Little J is definitely giving her nickname a run for its money.

Battle of the leathers. Although the BCBG chain tank with a Rag & Bone leather vest definitely makes a statement, I can't help but gravitate towards the glittery Missoni trapeze dress J dons for her sweet sixteen (I also just so happened to dress in a gold sequined mini for my own sixteenth!) If anything, she needed some ruby red lips to complete the outfit, but paired with opaque black tights was the perfect offset - lustworthy!

Take a tip from the girl who's all grown up! Reds, strappy shoes and studs are some of her signature looks. I found this amazing chocolate dress with gold stud detailing from Forever 21 ($33). Paired with a nude heel (Aldo, $90) and signature sunglasses in a bold red colour, to go with matte red lips! For a more casual outfit, black skinny's are a must with a flirty, but comfortable tee (Forever 21, $13) and eye-popping Harajuku Lovers red studded heels. ($100) Finish any outfit off with a great headband!

Be sure to check out Part I: Queen B and Part:II Serena for the full 3x G is for Gossip Girl feature!


  1. love your blog, i follow you...

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  2. love this posts and your blog! follow
    i love blair but i like jennys style too! and hate serena :D

  3. thanks so much girls! emmekay, your personal style is killer i love.

    happy blogging! xo

  4. I think Jenny is bright colors, but I think Taylor is the all black. I like her in between!


  5. definitely agree! i miss little j in her handmade floral dresses and colours!

    love your blog :)

  6. badass little j for the win!

  7. hello dear! thanks for all your lovely comments :) and for the welcome back! so glad to hear that you'll be going to Cabo next year - you won't regret! I hope you had a happy easter as well! you have a great blog here, I love your Gossip Girl posts! keep up the great work. I love Little J's style, and I too, admire her ability to stand up to Blair and stick to her guns, she's a real tough cookie with a great sense of style to boot!


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