06 April 2010

h is for house of harlow

I've never been a huge fan of Nicole Richie, but with her gorgeous accessory line House of Harlow 1960, I am definitely changing my mind. Inspired by the 60's and 70's eras, Nicole has created historically chic jewelry that is surprisingly affordable. The line, named after her daughter with hubby Joel Madden, takes inspiration from countries like Africa and Asia, but Nicole makes sure that every piece is something that she herself would wear. With a hippie-vintage vibe, the jewelry layers beautifully and adds a certain elegance to a simple dress or jeans. House of Harlow is truly the definition of successful celebrity design.

Nicole does have silver designs, but all of my favourites consist of gold. This Peacock Cuff bracelet ($188) is to die for; with its intricate details, it will definitely make a statement on any wrist. For this season, I am really loving the eggplant-purple colour, and these earrings are gorgeous! Resin-filled with black and gold detailing ($22), they'll add a pop of colour to your spring outfit.

My favourite (and the most popular piece in the collection) is the Black Resin Necklace ($125). It's simple but bold, and black goes with absolutely any outfit. I love the cut-out shapes, which lay great across the neck - it's not too long, but not too short. I am also an advocate of rings, and this vintage-style gold key design ($38) is gorgeous! Nicole's accessories are timeless.

Another extremely iconic piece in the collection is the Three-Strand Gold Shaped Headpiece ($205). It is simply 'Nicole Richie' in every way, which is why I love it and the whole jewelry collection so much. I, personally, don't believe I could pull it off - but what a great accessory to accent ripped jean shorts and a flowy white shirt. It turns into bohemian high fashion! And there's the muse behind the line, the adorable Harlow. She is such a cutie!

Nicole has also recently extended the line to include shoes (ranging from $100-$250) and I'm loving some of these designs! The snakeskin heel and black bootie are my favourite. And, watch out for House of Harlow purse and bag designs for Spring 2010! I can't wait to see this label evolve. You can find House of Harlow in Holt Renfrew and select boutiques (Blubird, etc.) in Vancouver. Experience Nicole Richie's carefree style with House of Harlow.


  1. i love that everything looks like it could be carefully selected from a vintage store. i hadn't seen the shoes yet; amazing, so so cute!

  2. love her collection and those jewerly....;-)



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