08 April 2010

i is for in my closet

A question popped up the other day on a blog that I read asking: What are your staple fashion items? Giving it some thought, I came up with the items in my closet that I wear the most, and feel the best in. Some are new, some I have had for ages - one of the things I love is finding a way to make clothes that I wore years ago different and edgy to fit today's trends. Even though fashions come and go from season to season, there are always those essential wardrobe pieces that you can't do without. On those days (usually Monday's for me) when your hair is frizzy, no time for makeup, and there's nothing cute to wear - I throw on one of these items and I instantly feel better; especially paired with a hot cup of tea before rushing out the door!

Pictured, I'm wearing my amazing Pins & Needles cotton gray dress. It's comfortable and goes with so many shoes and accessories. The intricate back and the lace embroidered front completely drew me in! Fastened with a skinny belt, I actually styled it as a top for class the other day. I love versatility!

Searching through my coat closet I found this amazing Zara trench that I had purchased in Paris three years back. Which brings me to my first staple item: a great fitting beige trench coat. It's feminine and slimming, and it's perfect for our bipolar Vancouver climate! Secondly, is my leather bomber jacket from Danier. I actually wear it with everything, from lululemon tights to the fanciest dresses. It has enough detailing to be edgy, but the softness of the leather leaves a certain delicacy. I definitely recommend investing in one!

Continuing with neutral colours (do I see a trend here?) we come to my essential leg-wear. From quite literally wearing holes into my Rock & Republic dark wash jeans during my senior year of high school, I've shied away from denim as of late. But, a couple of weeks ago I happened to come across these amazing BDG black jeans in Urban Outfitters that hit just above the ankle.They look sophisticated, while actually being even comfier than tights. And of course, beige chinos; I've been searching for weeks now! H&M had the winning pair: a light wash skinny fit that is perfect to wear with spring colours!

There is something about a crisp white oxford that leaves me feeling coy and sexy! I purchased mine at American Eagle a while back and I've worn it everywhere and with everything imaginable. Extremely versatile, collared shirts are great to layer under blazers or over floral dresses. Then there's my 'mon pull' from the Sonia Rykiel for H&M Collection. This hot pink colour brings out my tan, and the soft knit is so comfortable!

Now that you've had a peek into my fashion world, let me ask this: What is the one thing in your wardrobe that you can't live without?


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  1. cannot cannot cannot live without my leather jackets and leggings! oh and a blazer to switch it up sometimes!


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