10 April 2010

j is for jean jackets

Lustworthy Trend: Jean Jackets

I have this uncanny love-hate relationship with jean jackets, but right now it is definitely in the love department. When I was in grade five my mom bought me this gorgeous jean outfit with studs all over the jacket and along the hemline of the pants - I practically lived in it. Now, jean jackets are back in style and I think they are such a perfect addition to a girly spring outfit! I don't think I can justify spending a large sum of money on one (mine was $25) but they are absolutely perfect to throw over a frilly summer dress or with high-waisted shorts. I've been experimenting with mine over top of a blue oxford shirt, and I like the contrast! Here are some of my favourite denim pieces, from a range of prices.

I really like an in-between wash with some fading or detailing. The Vintage Havana style from Jean Co. ($69) has a great distressed look, and this closely cropped style from Forever 21 ($25) would be great paired with neutrals. I'm so picky with wash colours - it definitely depends on your taste!

One thing I would love to invest in is a crisp white jean jacket. They look sophisticated while still casual and comfortable, and they pair amazingly with bright colours! This Guess Co. two-toned jacket ($108) has a funky edge to it, but I am in love with this gorgeous plain white jacket with cuffed sleeves from J. Crew ($98). You can even get away with layering a white wash with dark denim pants!

Then there are the dark washes. This tighter fitted jacket from American Eagle ($40) is classic with a bit of distressed detailing, but I love this cropped number from TopShop ($80). It's a unique wash that is more suitable for nighttime or to dress down a fancy outfit. Will you be jumping in on the jean jacket trend? I'll leave you with an adorable and perfect way to wear this infamous denim-on-top.

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