11 April 2010

k is for kelly campbell

Introducing Kelly Campbell, a Vancouver-based (freelance) designer, and one of my best friends who has a knack for anything to do with make-up, hair and fashion! I had this idea for a while to find someone who would let me photograph them in a cute spring outfit, in the rain, with an umbrella; she was the perfect match! As a recent graduate from the Global Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald Centre, and with a new job at MAC Cosmetics, Kelly is well on her way to pursuing her dream career.

With an amazing seamstress for a mom, Kelly has been experimenting with making clothes since I can remember. She's made everything from dresses to bathing suits to Halloween costumes - she even made clothes for her dog Nikita! I asked her if she would like to show off some of her designs, and she readily agreed. We braved a cold, wet day and ventured into the park to take some photos, which turned out amazing. Unfortunately, in our rush, I didn't get around to a proper interview; but I've decided to have Kelly as a reoccurring face on Discovering Elegance! Each season I'll be showcasing her new designs, so watch out for bright and girly bathing suits by Kelly Campbell for Summer!

Kelly designed the white dress with ruffled tiers to fit short with a rounded neckline; I'm in love with the open back, a sultry detail! She paired it with peep toe white heels from Le Chateau, and a simple three-strand pearl bracelet from H&M. I had her use my Sarah Jessica Parker pink detailed umbrella which was a fun accent to the girly outfit.

Kelly's cobalt blue lace cami is gorgeous, the colour looks amazing on her! It's a longer fit, which is perfect to wear over top of her black pleather tights and matching bandeau, also handmade. It looks sophisticated paired with sky high black heels from Winners, a great necklace from Juicy Couture, and a black-trimmed bubble umbrella.

Isn't she gorgeous? You can view the rest of her photoshoot pictures here on my Facebook Fan Page, and you can contact Kelly here for any makeup artistry inquiries. Check back in the future for more Kelly Campbell designs!


  1. Oh wow, that sweet pics! You 're so romantic! I love your outfit! So chic with umbrella! Thanks 4 following me, i follow u too! You have got a wonderful blog, really chic! Xoxo


  2. what a great idea for a shoot! she is gorgeous- the makeup is perfect & the designs are beautiful!


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