09 May 2010

o is for olivia palermo

Mentioned in my previous post, and I'm sure I've commented on her style before, I chose Olivia Palermo for 'O' because of her amazing wardrobe choices, for both street and night wear. Although she may not be my favourite personality on the stylish TV show The City, she does have an impeccable and undeniable taste for classy and sophisticated fashion. Living in New York City with boyfriend Johannes Huebl, Olivia is not only a socialite - she recently launched her own jewelry line, collaborating with designer and friend Roberta Freymann, and also takes part in numerous charities. Even though we see her sneaky habits and sometimes unintelligent remarks on The City, her fashion choices will never let me down.

I think I love Olivia's style so much because it slightly mimics my own - tailored and form-fitting, but also casual and whimsical with a little bit of an edge. I love how her menswear-inspired outfit is great for shopping, or for a day at work. The silver oxfords are to die for; I love the neutral tones in her outfit, which aren't matchy-matchy, but go together perfectly.

Olivia proves that a clutch is such a crucial accessory! The bright canary-yellow purse brings the abstract blouse to life, perfectly muted with high waisted black shorts and cage heels. Dressing in a more edgier fashion, the camel-toned bag, which resembles the colour of the buttons, gives almost a girly feel to leather pants (!!!) and a great horizontal striped sweater. I'm in love with how she elegantly adds a hint of accessories to her outfits (large jeweled ring, gold necklace) but never overpowers them.

Whimsical might just be my new favourite word. I'm so in love with these breezy and playful dresses, which stay fun but elegant. I love the understated colours and beautiful patterns - very grecian with a twist! I also admire that Olivia paired a harsh black against pastels; uncalled for, but it works for her, keeping the elegance in tact.

For my version of an Olivia-outfit, I chose a great ivory textured jacket from Forever 21 ($40) and high waisted skinny black jeans (Topshop, $80). Paired with a breezy floral top (French Connection, $90) and accented with silver oxfords (Forever 21, $25) and a bright blue clutch, the outfit becomes tailored but casual. I'll definitely be channeling Olivia Palermo's style with the beautiful spring weather just around the corner.

(pictures via style.com and contact music)


  1. I've never even watched The City, but I've heard her name before and I'm glad you posted all these, I love almost every look. I'm too short to pull off that long breezy dress, but I'd love to wear the outfit you put together, very stylish and comfortable looking ;D

    Ripped Nylon

  2. Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

    - Daniel


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