10 May 2010

p is for portobello west market

This year I've had the amazing opportunity to intern for Portobello West, a fashion and art market based locally in Vancouver. I thought it was perfect to showcase it for the letter 'P' because it has definitely opened my eyes to how incredible eco-friendly fashion and art can be. The market consists of local designers from around Vancouver, the lower mainland, and even Vancouver Island, which come together in one location to showcase their craft to the public.

The greatest thing about Portobello West is the never-ending variety; there's everything from clothing, makeup, and accessories, to hand-painted artwork, food items, and even a psychic spiritual counsellor. In a setting where you can shop so many avenues without travelling the distance, it's a humbling experience that really makes a difference.

Although the market in Vancouver, which happens at the Rocky Mountaineer Station, is held monthly, there is also a market based in Calgary which holds two events in the Spring and Fall, held at the Big Four Building in Stampede Park. It always happens on the final Sunday of the month, and runs from 12-6pm with admission being $2.

Some of my favourite designers that have displayed their work at Portobello West are Ecocessories, Flora and Fauna, CocoaNymph, Yapes Paints, CreamPuffbyGG, A Cagey Bee, and Jola V Designs. Each month there are reoccurring designers, and new faces as well, so it's worth it to make the trip each time! If you are a local designer or artist, don't be afraid to enter the market yourself!

If you want to learn more about Portobello West, check out the Website or visit us on Facebook. I'll be updating the blog weekly, along with two other incredible interns, and also keeping you up to date on notable designers through Twitter. I hope to see you at the upcoming market on May 30th!

Watch our promotional video to get an overview of what Portobello West is really like!


  1. My goodness! Thank you so much for the lovely mention on your blog! My creampuffs & I are blushing! GG xoxox

  2. your welcome GG! your cute little creampuffs deserve recognition!



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