17 May 2010

q is for queens of fashion

As my blog-hiatus probably admits, 'Q' was a tough letter to come up with something, especially with something creative. I chose to do Queens of Fashion, three of my personal favourite fashion icons that I have (or haven't!) mentioned in the past. With a combination of a day, night, and red carpet looks, these three celebs know who they are, and they let their sense of style show off their personality to the world.

Rachel Bilson

Ever since the very first episode of The O.C., I've been a major fan of Rachel Bilson. She's so carefree and her style is simple and effortless. For a coffee run or a day full of errands, black skinny jeans, a neutral (but intricate) top, and a studded bag, make for the perfect outfit. During the night, Rachel goes more glam with leather and bold prints. I love how she wore her hair up, keeping the outfit youthful and adding a personal touch.

For the red carpet, Rachel's dresses are nothing short of killer. Sultry, and accentuating her petite 5'2" frame, I love how she's not afraid to be bold with cut-outs and strong colours - is that emerald green not amazing on her?

Leighton Meester

Although she plays the fashionable Blair on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester has her own unique and fun style that is completely different than Blair's. A simple ivory dress cinched with a belt looks casual but put together - I love the neutral crossbody bag and gladiators. For a night on the town, Leighton chooses a great top with a mint green skirt, matching her shoes and purse with the multi-coloured blouse.

For the red carpet, I love how Leighton can go from elegant to quirky. Her one-shouldered breezy neutral dress is so chic paired with the eccentric clutch. My favourite outfit is the figure flattering striped dress with the shocking red pumps. It's flirty, but edgy, which shows a playful side to her personality.

Ashley Olsen

Unlike her twin sister, Ashley's look is anything but gothic miss-matched layers. I've always loved her fashion sense because of how put together she is. Collared shirts, blazers, and black never hurt a girl before, and she wears it well. Her street style is amazing - the gorgeous leather jacket and double-strap tote go amazingly with the great scarf and Hunters. For night time, I love how Ashley makes such a classical outfit look very sexy! Cage heels are a perfect accent, and the breathtaking necklace is to die for.

I really do love Ashley's red carpet looks as well. They're a bit of a hit-and-miss, but this open back dramatic white dress totally caught my eye. And I fell in love with the Badgley Mischka dress; so slimming and intricate, yet not too over the top. She really looks stunning!

She wears everything she likes. Marc Jacobs

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  1. I adore all of these looks, especially Leighton Meester's! =)



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