14 June 2010

v is for vintage inspiration

I love the idea of vintage; taking something from the past and making it new and chic for the present. It's becoming a major trend in the fashion world, and I had so much fun putting together some of my vintage inspirations from Etsy and Modcloth. I truly believe that everyone has their own idea on the definition of vintage. For me, it's ruffles, lace, and sweetheart necklines - and, of course, pearls and red lipstick. I guess I'm caught in a mixture of the 20's flapper and the 50's Marilyn; but vintage can be absolutely any era, which I think is amazing.

Jade For Eachother$38

All Lace and Forever Top, $54
Zip Line Top, $75

Papillon Top, $48

Mixing bold colours with bows and ruffles? Perfection! I love the silhouettes of these tops and how they can flatter any figure. They'd be great paired with jeans, or dressed up with a high-waisted skirt. The necklines are a subtle detail, but I love how none of them plunge too low - it's fun to leave a little mystery sometimes.

Fell In Love With a Dress, $62
Good Listener Dress, $55

Somebody Remembers the Dress, $95
Mesh-aboom Dress, $99

These dresses all have their own great signature. I love the french maid look of the black on white, and the simplicity of the gorgeous fuchsia dress is delicate but striking. For a bit of a dressier vintage style, I fell head over heels for this cream floral dress, cinched at the waist with a braided belt and a sweetheart neckline. And, the pleats on the champagne dress are simply stunning.

Aged Brooch Necklace, $38
Bronze Gold Flower Ring, $20
Bronze and Pearl Bracelet, $24
Paris Brass Filigree Necklace, $35

I think vintage jewelry is my new love. It's so whimsical and classic, but shocking and eye catching at the same time. I've learned over the years that accessories can truly make or break an outfit! A stoned leaf brooch turned into a necklace, a gorgeous flower ring, a pearl and bronze bracelet, and of course, a Paris print-encased necklace. They all were stunning to me, and you can bet I'll be ordering a few handmade pieces off of Etsy in the near future.

Also, take a look at my vintage-inspired photoshoot by amazing photographer and friend Kelly Swanson of Kelly Swanson Photography.


  1. You are beautiful in Kelly's pictures and this post screams you. So proud of my Rachelle!

  2. Beautiful photoshoot pics Chelle! I love vintage-inspired looks myself, and you're absolutely right in saying that vintage is very diverse because a look or an item can come from any era!

  3. Meag: Thankyou darling, and I am so proud of YOU! I'm excited to see your next Wardrobe Wednesday!

    Lisa: Thankyou so much! And it really can - I love how much vintage is evolving these days :)

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for featuring our items on your blog! We appreciate the support.

    Aire @ModCloth


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