21 June 2010

x is for exercise in style

For 'X' I was inspired by my goal of motivating myself to do some form of exercise each day for a month, until it becomes almost second nature. Not everyone may care to be fashionable at the gym, but for myself, when I'm trying to feel my best by sweating off the pounds, I really want to look my best too. Being a competitive dancer for most of my life, I've come to learn that the fabric matters as well - mesh, lightweight, sweat resistant - it all makes a difference. Also, high impact sports, which for me consists of running and tennis, call for the right shoes (or else you'll definitely feel it in your knees the next day). Here are some of my favourite brands and fashionable picks to reach that summer body in style!

Signature Pant, $25

Fleece Crewneck, $25
MVP Yoga Pant, $25

I love PINK by Victoria's Secret - the sweatpants, yoga attire, and tops always come in bright colours with bold lettering. The comfort level is out of this world! I love wearing the signature pant over shorts to warm up, and the yoga pants have a thick waistband that folds over to reveal an inspiring word. Ideal for stretching and warming up, or even a power walk around town.

Mynah Tank, $52 
Wunder Under Pant, $78

Known for its incredible exercise attire, Vancouver-based Lululemon is one of my first choices for fashionable fitness clothing. Made with luon fabric, the designs are lightweight and breathable, and always supportive. The yoga pant is the signature, original design, but I've been dying to buy wunder under's forever - flattering and stretchy, perfect for pilates, dance, or yoga!

Golf Core Polo, $89
Tennis Perf Skirt, $94

More expensive, but oh-so-chic, Adidas by Stella McCartney has amazing sport clothing options. Including pants, tops, shorts, skirts, shoes, and bags, Adidas gained a mastermind with Stella. Two of my favourites were directed specifically towards certain sports - tennis and golf. The fabric, breathability, and the small details are perfection; the designs are girly and in great pale shades. I absolutely love the elegance of this brand!

Free 7.0 Running Shoe, $85
Anthena Shoe, $65

The Nike brand is very well known for their footwear, and so they should be - to me, comfort combined with bold colours and unique styles gets an A plus! The running shoes make you feel light on your feet, and are perfect for the gym and around town. The best thing about them is most of the styles don't make your feet look like boats - they're surprisingly slimming! And the Anthena shoe I fell in love with - perfect and comfortable for a summer walk, or the drive to pilates class.

Canvas Prep Padlock Gym Bag, Juicy Couture, $279
Fitness Lux Bag, Puma, $55

And of course, a fashionista always needs a great gym bag to carry all the essentials (water bottle, change of clothes, yoga mat). I love this canvas Juicy Couture bag in an understated navy - the perfect size! And you can't go wrong with a great Puma duffle, complete with a dual strap for versatility!


  1. loooove this post! wunder unders! and stella mccartney? i will golf everyday if i get to wear that polo! this is the perfect post to get us inspired for our fitness classes commencing.. ASAP!!!

  2. Thanks babygirl!! I'm going to stop by the gym today and check out the schedule & rates - I'll let you know!

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  4. Ha! I was literally just talking with my sister about the new weights we bought to motivate ourselves to get to working! Thanks for the tips, there's a Lululemon at the mall near here.

    P.S. LOVE the puma bag!

    Ripped Nylon

  5. love that pink workout tank, cuuuute!

    xx Niki

  6. This remember me how much i need go to gym... :s Love the first hoodie and the Juicy Couture bag


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