24 June 2010

y is for yaletown

Last Sunday, Kelly and I took a trip down to the fashionable Yaletown to check out Vancouver's 1st Annual Cupcake Challenge, and also to do a little shopping. The event was put on by Mijune of Follow Me Foodie and Nicole of Nicole Marie Events, and these ladies did such an amazing job. I don't recommend having cupcakes for lunch every day, but oh were they delicious! I took home a cute little box of cupcakes from Frosting Cupcakery, based in Langley, who ended up winning two out of three awards at the challenge. I also snapped a few photos of Kelly, dressed in her signature black attire, but accented with a gorgeous animal print skirt, designed and handmade by herself.

After stuffing our faces full of sweets, we ventured out into the streets of Yaletown. We browsed all the adorable vintage-like stores, and the fact that many of them mixed home decor with fashion made me fall completely in love. Unfortunately most of the items that I picked up were so far out of my price range that I had to quickly avert my eyes from the price tag, but I did end up buying an adorable pair of cream Hue tights with little rosettes, from Fine Finds. I'll definitely do an outfit post featuring them in the near future. For now, here were our favourite little shops on Mainland and Hamilton.

Beauty Mark
The Cross Decor & Design
Fine Finds Boutique
Lola Home and Apparel
Bernstein & Gold Boutique
Atomic Model

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  1. looks super fun! Yaletown and cupcakes...what a lovely combo :)


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