04 August 2010

to have and to hold, wedding attire

It is no secret that I absolutely love weddings; I love everything about them, big or small, modern or traditional. I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to help coordinate a couple weddings with Nicole of Nicole Marie Events, where I've learned so much about the 'other side' of weddings. Although, since none of my best friends are even close to getting hitched, I've only been in attendance as a guest so far - and one of the biggest excitements is figuring out what to wear. Beware: there is wedding-attire etiquette, that I really believe one should follow. Here are some of my picks for gorgeous wedding outfits - and a few of my own that I've worn this year!

Precision Dress, Rachel Roy $109
Strapless Backless Dress, Rachel Roy $109

First of all: steer yourself away from wearing white. There are so many other beautiful colours out there, and you never want to outshine the bride - it is her special day, after all. Take these two bold, patterned dresses by Rachel Roy (found at the Bay downtown) - they draw enough attention without being overly dramatic, and keep an edgy vibe.

Simple Silk Dress, Forever 21 $35

Second: a wedding is not a club! Stay away from plunging necklines, mini skirts, and see-through fabrics. If you have to ask if your outfit is appropriate, chances are it probably isn't. I love these two inexpensive finds from Forever 21. They're both very classic styles, with ties that accentuate the waist; they keep a certain charm while maintaining a sultry manner.

Cutout Strap Dress, BCBG Maxazria $138

And, finally: don't be afraid of black! Black dresses are perfect for an evening wedding, and it is such a complimentary shade - I don't think for one second it should be outlawed. I love the idea of this sophisticated Bebe outfit; even though it's a dress, a great embellished top with a slimming black skirt always looks polished, but chic. And I loved the details on this BCBG little black dress - simple yet timeless.

Patterned Chiffon Dress, BCBGeneration $111
Strapless Two-Toned Dress, BCBG Maxazria $90

Two of my absolute favourite dresses, bought for two amazing weddings. The chiffon dress was worn for a wedding in the Spring, and my black dress was worn for more of a afternoon-to-evening wedding in early August of last year. 


  1. Great concept for a post, so many women struggle with what is appropriate to wear to weddings! The BCBG dresses you have are so lovely, you look gorgeous :)!!!!

  2. You were the black one to MY WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!! :):) yay!

  3. These dresses are cute but still classy! I always cringe when I see people dressed really skankily at weddings.

  4. I agree, it's always so exciting to think of what to wear. I have been eyeing that Forever 21 dress for a few days now..I think this is a sign for me to get it!

  5. yayaya!! so excited to see this up finally!
    thank you x9083490283482 :) so helpful!!

  6. this is such a perfectly-timed post considering I have a wedding to go to this sat and 2 more in sept. i like wearing black to a wedding but a friend of mine was so shocked when i merely suggested it. weird huh? any way, you look lovely in both BCBG numbers and i like what you've suggested too. i was looking at that turquoise silk dress on forever 21's website just yesterday night. good call on the advice that weddings are not clubs lol, why would ppl dress like that? thnx for your comment on my hair btw, so true, i will splurge on hair if not on clothes and shoes!

  7. this post is very usefull thx!


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