27 September 2010

the beginning of the rest of my life

I think I've told myself that this is the beginning of the rest of my life on every single birthday since I was fourteen. I always believe that this year will be the year, and usually my expectations are met with some sort of craziness, whether it's good or bad, I embrace it all. This year is the year of legality, nineteen candles - which can either be a breath of fresh air or a nasty burden (I don't have the underage excuse anymore to back out of things I don't want to attend). I'm going to call this my year of independence; I'm investing a lot of time into brainstorming about my future, and I also think I may be getting my very first tattoo - both extremely scary in their separate ways. I love my birthday though, and who doesn't? A day dedicated just to me, a day to be pampered and loved and receive an overload of facebook notifications. The worst part? There's never been a year where tears haven't been spilt - maybe it's time to break the curse! So let's here it for birthdays and always, always celebrating to the fullest.

Numero 100th Issue Celebration Editorial
Katy Perry's 25th Willy Wonka Birthday Party
Dior 'Miss Dior Cherie' Fragrance Campaign
Audrey Hepburn with Balloons
Marilyn Monroe Candle and Cake


  1. Happy Birthday!!!


  2. You will definitely have a good one! :)
    Keep it stylish! :) Happy Birthday!

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  3. Happy birthday!! : ) I hear you about the tears, too. The best year of my life followed the worst birthday of my life. Maybe that makes us appreciate the year in between more? Either way enjoy your day!!


  4. Happy Birthday, hope it's a wonderful one! =) And oh my god, I totally do the same thing as you! Whenever it's my birthday, I'm always saying to my self, "This year when I'm going to make sure !" and usually... that doesn't happen, haha! :o


  5. have an AMAZING, AMAZING birthday! its your bday and you can cry if you want to, but we'd rather you not :) enjoy your day!

  6. just found your blog and in love with it

    following you now


  7. happy birthday! I love theses pictures! katy perry knows how to have fun! :p maybe my 21st will be like that! ha great post, really made me think about mine coming up. I want a tattoo also, but not sure what to get..ugh decisions. Do you have any idea what you want?


  8. hope ya had a rad birthday! xo~

  9. Yay..ITs UR BIRTHDAY!!!//
    HAB fun,,

  10. Happy Birthday!!! hope u had a great one =)


  11. I love all of these photos, such a pretty post! And 19? Enjoy it while you can. The early twenties are an amazing time. Says the haggard old 25 yr old me. hahaha. Happy Birthday love!

    xo Niki
    A Haute Mess


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