22 October 2010

i left my heart in paris

Instead of doing a fashion week recap, I wanted to do a mixture of all things Paris. It's the most beautiful city I have ever been to, from the metro, to the shopping, to the amazing crêperies and bakeries. I was in awe of the tall, slender, fashionable people that roamed the streets, cigarette in one hand and shopping bag in the other. I bought my first pair of slouchy leather boots in a random boutique and I have worn them into the ground. And the romance! There's definitely a reason why it's the city of love. Love hangs on every whisper, every macaron eaten, and every picture taken of the Eiffel Tower. So here's an inspiration post of all things Parisian to me: images, locations, the 90th anniversary of Vogue Paris, and of course Paris Fashion Week. Plus a little 'grade ten magic' from when I took my trip to the City of Lights! Wow my hair was long. What are your favourite Parisian moments?

Marie Claire Italia 2010 | Stockholm Street Style
Elie Saab | Macarons | Hermès | Amelie

Shopping with Micaela & Erica | Balcony Pose with Alex


  1. Oh man, I want to go to France so badly. My heart aches every time I think about it.
    I'd have to say I love the architecture and the perceived "antique" feel of Paris. I have a big big big list of places I want to go specifically in France (and Italy).
    Ah I need to learn French.


  2. these photos are so pretty and inspirational! XOXO, Natalya of Natalya's Closet

  3. I Love you PARIS)))
    Very, very, very, beautiful post!!!

  4. Love the post!
    Just wanted to let you know that I've chosen it to be one of the links for "links for the weekend" on my blog :)



  5. Amazing shots!


  6. What gorgeous Parisian shots! :) Lovin' it! :)

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  7. A Paris by night with my sisters. My biggest dream will be to attend a fashion show there. The Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Chloe shows will be nice.


  8. Gorgeous pictures! Paris is definitely a place where I want to live in the future! You described it perfectly! xoxoxoxoo

  9. One day I will get there!

    Love Grace.

  10. Those masks are giving me mad inspiration for an upcoming Halloween fete!

    You're gorgeous!

  11. Those photos are all so gorgeous! I haven't yet been to Paris..hopefully someday! I love Rome the way you love Paris though : )


  12. Oh to be Parisian! I've never been but it's definitely my top "to visit" destination in the world! You're such a lucky girl. I love the first two photos and that shot with the macarons... thanks for sharing!!

    Hope you're having a great week and that school isn't stressing you out too much!

  13. What an inspiring collection of photos, love it!

  14. ah paris! who doesnt love that city? and macaroons? god i'm craving some so badly.
    u're from van city right? we should get together once and go macaroon hunting. i never know where i can get some in vancouver.

  15. Ah Paris, the city of love. How I love thee.



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