24 December 2010

elegance ensemble, holiday cheer

I've been saving these pictures for a Christmasy post, taken when there was actually a dusting of snow on the ground in rainy Vancouver. I was so happy this day, spending it with my boyfriend, drinking my favourite Chai Tea Eggnog Latte from Starbucks. Although we may not be walking in a winter wonderland throughout the holidays this year, the rain can actually be quite peaceful if you give it a chance. As Vancouverite's, I think we're used to it by now, right? And, it gives us all an excuse to wear (or buy!) beautiful rain boots to trudge fashionably around in. In these pictures I'm wearing my gorgeous Zara leather boots that I purchased back in early November. I am so happy that I decided to keep them. They are my definite go-to boot! Perfect to dress up, and so easy to slip on with jeans.

Boots, Zara | Dress, Urban Outfitters | Hat, Gifted 
Coat, Billabong | Scarf, Gifted | Belt, my Mom's

Keeping in the Christmas spirit, I hosted a Secret Santa party on Wednesday night for some of my closest friends. We only get to see eachother a couple times a year, but we never fail to have the best time when we're together. Complete with a gingerbread decorating competiton, Christmas music on repeat, and a million laughs, I had such a good time. Also, Brett and I decided to make our first ever gingerbread house together this year! I can't believe we've never done one before, but I have to say, I'm pretty proud of our design. Just look at that detail. Flawless! I hope you all take time to enjoy the holidays - only one more sleep! Merry Christmas Eve!

22 December 2010

wishing, hoping, and dreaming

There is just something about the holidays that makes everything seem more beautiful and crazy than it is any other time of the year. With all the Christmas parties, wrapping gifts, putting in more hours at work, and very last minute shopping, it is so nice to just be done with school! I had a prof that screwed with her class, a final exam that went missing, and my first A- since first semester. Talk about a roller coaster ride! Now, it is time to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays. Yesterday my boyfriend and I decorated his family Christmas tree - a little late, I know! We went out and bought all new decorations and completely revamped the living room with blue and silver. It looked incredible, if I do say so myself! Today we're making a gingerbread house, and tonight I get to see nine of my favourite girls from dance that I only get to see a couple times a year. I'm going to come right out and say it: life is good. So here's what I'm wishing for this year: a dysfunctional mess of Tiffany & Co. mixed with vintage Nancy Drew books. Did you know that I'm trying to collect all 56 originals? Yes, I am a nerd. I hope everyone receives everything on their own wish list this year!

1. Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph Watch, $250
2. Tiffany & Co. Oval Key Pendant, $150
3. Anthropologie Sequin Beanie, $68
4. The Ellements of Personal Style by Editors of Elle, $25
5. A one-way ticket to Paris
6. Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner Case, $300
7. Le Fou by Wilfred Layered Mixed Silk Blouse, $185
8. Vintage-style Picture Frames
9. Club Monaco Lace Scalloped Shorts, $149
10. Classic Nancy Drew Books by Carolyn Keene
11. Harney & Sons Tea
12. Kate Spade Randi Rain Boot, $100
13. Starbucks Travel Mug

19 December 2010

style discovery, miroslava duma

Oh Miroslava Duma, the Russian queen of fashion, and a freelance editor in her spare time (with just some notable work at Harper's Bazaar). I am definitely style-crushing on this girl, not to mention job-crushing! This lady is glamourous, cute, and edgy all wrapped up into the perfect little package. Talk about international style icon! I have recently saved a folder full of pictures of Mira's outfits because they are just so incredibly unique. Some of the items she wears literally make my jaw drop. She pairs such odd, amazing pieces together, and they mesh perfectly on her petite frame. If you need some style inspiration, honestly, look no further. From girly printed skirts, bright red accents, leather, and sequins, Mira has officially stolen my heart. And can we please talk about her hair? Wispy and long, I love how it always looks I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-I'm-gorgeous. Simple and effortless. I think I could go on about her forever, but I'll spare you. Here are some of my favourite images of Russia's 'it girl.'

Most images found herehere & here

06 December 2010

elegance ensemble, leopard and leather

Today is a good day - for all my fellow SFU students, it is the final day of classes! Now, that's not to say we don't have a dreaded week or two of exams, but for now, all the papers, assignments, yawn-worthy lectures and awkward tutorial discussions are over with! On another point of good news, this is my official announcement of my new job on-the-side. Hey, SFU varsity golf team, meet your new 'team manager.' Yep! I was approached by a member that I know from my job at the golf course, and was asked to handle event promotions and such. In addition to my hourly pay, I get a nice lump of change towards my tuition. Things are looking up! I wore this outfit to my interview for the new job, on a crisp sunny day last month. These pants are my favourite pants in the world, no joke. I reserve them for the days when I need to feel extra amazing. Don't we all need to own an article of clothing like that? I would love to know yours. Happy Monday! (And I don't use those two words together very often!)

Leather Jacket, Danier | Leopard Blouse, H&M | Pants, BCBG Maxazria
Belt, H&M | Booties, Nine West | Earrings, Forever 21

02 December 2010

lookbooks and wishful thinking

I've been so extremely busy with school lately - writing papers, creating presentations and just stressing overall about finals in a couple weeks - that I've been feeling a little lacking in the inspiration department. I know I just did a big winter post full of lovely pictures, but here's another just to wet your appetite about the cozy winter fashions that are pouring out of stores and into our closets in preparation for the chilly weather. I've been lusting over boots, coats, scarves, sweaters, leggings, and all of that for so long now, and I just love the way all of these lookbooks artfully style the winter trends to perfection. My last class is on Monday, and I'm planning to hit downtown for some Christmas shopping afterwads - and maybe pick up a little something special for myself to make me smile before finals drown me in cups of tea and lack of sleep. So good luck to all those students out there writing notes and frantically trying to study while prepping for the holidays and maintaining a relatively busy social life. I know how it feels - and trust me, retail therapy (and blog-reading-therapy) never fails!

Club Monaco Fall 2 2010 Lookbook

LF Stores Drifter Lookbook

ASOS December Magazine Rock & Roll Spread

Zara Evening Lookbook 2010

H&M Winter Magazine 2010