02 December 2010

lookbooks and wishful thinking

I've been so extremely busy with school lately - writing papers, creating presentations and just stressing overall about finals in a couple weeks - that I've been feeling a little lacking in the inspiration department. I know I just did a big winter post full of lovely pictures, but here's another just to wet your appetite about the cozy winter fashions that are pouring out of stores and into our closets in preparation for the chilly weather. I've been lusting over boots, coats, scarves, sweaters, leggings, and all of that for so long now, and I just love the way all of these lookbooks artfully style the winter trends to perfection. My last class is on Monday, and I'm planning to hit downtown for some Christmas shopping afterwads - and maybe pick up a little something special for myself to make me smile before finals drown me in cups of tea and lack of sleep. So good luck to all those students out there writing notes and frantically trying to study while prepping for the holidays and maintaining a relatively busy social life. I know how it feels - and trust me, retail therapy (and blog-reading-therapy) never fails!

Club Monaco Fall 2 2010 Lookbook

LF Stores Drifter Lookbook

ASOS December Magazine Rock & Roll Spread

Zara Evening Lookbook 2010

H&M Winter Magazine 2010


  1. How much I love Zara new lookbook and also the sheer skirt!!!

  2. I feel you, i'm SO absorbed in getting ready for finals, yet I still have time to peruse my favorite fashion blogs.. i love your inspiration!

  3. I love the look in the 4th pic, so dandy and chic! The combination of shorts and wool blazer is perfect!
    Great post!


  4. I'm going through the same turmoil what with my end sems bang in the middle of december! :(
    Trying to keep up of course:)

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  5. I love Club Monaco lookbook and retail therapy :)

    Happy shopping. Pacific Centre and Robson Street shops haven't been too busy this past week.


  6. I am drooling over all the chunky knits!! My Christmas list is growing!


  7. Valentino for Gap was my fav spread...GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS :)

  8. ALL of them are amazing. Love your blog!

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  9. Great inspiration, I've saved a bunch of those! I hope the end of term goes well, keep powering through till Christmas!


  10. Your post gave me tons of style inspiration!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  11. The Zara lookbook kills me. Know what else kills me? Actually going into Zara to "Christmas Shop" aka shop for myself. Bad news!!! I always love your fashion inspiration photos Chelle!

  12. The Asos lookbook is so inspiring! If only I could get my hair perfectly messy like that!


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