25 January 2010

fedora style, weekly outfit

This outfit I wore a couple weeks ago when I went shopping with my mom. It looked like it was going to rain so I donned my lovely gray fedora (halifax boutique, $15), which I happen to love. As many people know, I am a huge fan of hats, they are perfect for bad hair days and keeping my ears warm when it's cold! I had on an all-black outfit (dress american apparel $40; blazer H&M $60; boots spring $80) so I balanced it out with a pop of colour with a rose coloured scarf, which is from my previous workplace Chapter's (we sold gorgeous pashmina's around Christmas!) My textured tights were a gift from my mama for Christmas (sirens $10) - I think they're amazing and they dress up anything! I balanced out the gray in my hat with the gray in my fingerless gloves (american eagle $12)

Fedora's are great for any season! I have a cute beige one that is perfect for summer, just like Ashley Tisdale rocks hers perfectly with the white contrast. I love how Miley dressed hers down but kept it looking chic - a good accessory for the colder months! So, don't be afraid to wear hats, seriously - if you pair them with a casual-cute outfit, they're the perfect addition to your outfit.

Urban Outfitter's sells these super cute fedora's for $24! Aritzia and Target also have very affordable and cute hats as well ($12-$30) I know I'll be wearing mine in Mexico!

22 January 2010

fashionista, stephanie chicoine

This interview is one I've been looking forward to for a while now! One of my oldest and closest friends, Stephanie Chicoine, is such an amazing girl. We met when we were two years old, and have been reunited at Simon Fraser University this year. We're both majoring in Communications, and it's hilarious how we haven't changed much in seventeen years - we are quite a pair, I must say. Steph lives in White Rock, she has a younger brother Matt, and she adores horseback riding. I caught up with her at school and she told me all about her fabulous life, and we had so much fun taking pictures (she's a perfect model!) She wore beautiful deep blue Zara heels, her black shirt also from Zara, and her tights are from Aritzia; she accessorized with a very chic Tiffany's bracelet and a silver ring from a boutique in Paris. Steph really represents 'Discovering Elegance' so well; I hope you enjoy the interview!

Okay, let’s start off with describing your sense of style.

Well, I don’t think I really had a certain type of style until I went to Paris - so I would say my style has a Parisian inf
luence. I wear a lot of black, navy and red; usually one piece of solid colour. I notice that I always gravitate towards black, it’s weird, I just love it.

I love black as well, you can never go wrong. So, what do you look for when you’re buying something new to wear?

I guess that I kind of dress with certain rules that I follow.

Of course you do (laughs)

I do! I’m always looking for something that I don’t have - I can only have one of something i
n my closet, no duplicates. Also, it has to go with the clothes that I already have, and of course, price.

Do you dress according to your mood, or does it depend on where you’re going?

Both! If I’m seeing my boyfriend I might actually wear underwear that matches (laughs) and say, if I’m at school all day I’ll most likely dress up, but if I’m only there for an hour I won’t bother. The barn is a big thing too - if I’m in a good mood I’ll wear a little polo shirt and a riding belt, but otherwise I don’t care too much.


You’re such a little equestrian! Okay, so you’re surrounded by style pretty much all the time, especially at your jobs - first tell me a little bit about Mantique.

It’s a good environment to work in, I like the clientele. Mantique sells very casual-chic clothing; a lot of hoodies and jeans, so I don’t buy a whole lot from there.

And what about your internship?

It’s a whole different story. I feel like I always have to dress up - I buy clothes just to wear to the internship. 

What is your boss like?

She’s so great. Her name’s Marla Guloien, and she’s a singer/songwriter - really good, kind of bluesy. She’s one of the most fashionable people I know! She dresses up, does her hair, and her makeup, just to sit around in her apartment.

What exactly do you do for her?

It’s a bit like
Devil Wears Prada - I’m her assistant, really, like her right-hand woman. I run around everywhere and do everything for her! I take notes for her, call people, sometimes my job is just to text people back on her phone - she sometimes gets one thousand texts a day!

You mentioned she’s a singer/songwriter, have you helped her with any concerts?

Yes! She almost has a record deal. She had her debut concert, so I helped her with all of that - dressed her, and ushered her on and off stage. She’s amazing so I hope she goes a long way.

That’s incredible. What are some other perks of the job?

The greatest thing is that she feeds me! Marla is a vegetarian, so I’m always eating healthy food and now I’ve gotten used to it, which is awesome. She also has a million clothes - if she doesn’t happen to like what I’m wearing, she just gives me something of hers to put on. I l
ove it!

Does she take you shopping at all?

Yes! She’ll just say, “I need a new outfit,” and we’ll go shopping all day - it’s so cool. Pretty much, I do anything she needs me to do. I’m there to make her life easier.

Wow, I’m jealous. And you mentioned you were at Vancouver Fashion Week with her?

Oh my gosh, it was so crazy. We went on the opening gala night, and everything there was free - a whole massive wall of food, it was incredible. This year they split up the shows by ethnicity; I saw the Italian show, watched all the models walk, it was great.

What kinds of trends did you notice at the fashion show, and any that you thought were too out there?

A lot of fur, leather, and studs - so many studs, on everything you could possibly imagine. I think what bothered me was how the fur
was real, and every one was okay with that. The silhouette hasn’t changed, obviously as skinny as ever, but big shoulders and then slim legs are what I noticed, so kind of a triangle shape.

I love puffy shouldered dresses! Alright, so what do you find is the most exciting part of this job, considering everything you get to do?

Definitely the people I get to meet along the way, and the classy places I get to go - all for free, which is amazing. There’s a restaurant downtown called Market, where I saw Pierce Brosnan, and so many celebrities dine there. Coming from my lifestyle, I’m always in awe at what the rich and famous get to experience on a regular basis.

And the parties?

Yes, the parties, wow. I always feel like the poor cousin or something! Girls will ask me where my dress is from and I’m skeptically like “Zara...” because they’re all wearing designer labels and thousand dollar outfits. It’s insane. And that’s why I always have to look nice! Sometimes she’ll just get a call asking her if she can meet somewhere, and we whisk away to a luncheon or party right away. 

How did you even end up with this opportunity? It sounds like a dream to me!

Through Simon Fraser University! The Co-op program sent me an email to help out with her concert; I sent in my resume, s
he called me up and was immediately like “Okay, you’re it, I just feel it, you’re perfect.” And that was that!

Wow. So what’s in the future for Stephanie Chicoine? Something in fashion?

I hope to have a career in social responsibility communications. Someone would hire me and I would control and look over finances for the environment, charities, diseases like AIDS - see where the money goes, and how to invest. Either that, or go into the music industry, kind of what I’m doing with the internship; slowly moving up, discovering new bands.

Like an agent?

Not exactly. I would want to work for a company that looks at different musicians and bands, then decides whether they’re marketable or not. For now, I’m just taking life one step at a time.

If you want to know more about Marla Guloien, check out ReverbNation where Marla has her own blog and you can listen to her songs. I think she's amazing, a little Nora Roberts and Ingrid Michaelson.

20 January 2010

cover up in style

LUSTWORTHY TREND: Big chunky beautiful scarves

I've been meaning to do a lustworthy trend section on scarves for a while, and now I finally have the time. I looked for some great shots of celebrities and every day people that wear their scarves with flair, and it's even given me some inspiration to try new things (especially the oversized scarf that Meagan Hall loves oh so much). Enjoy!

Two of my own biggest celebrity style icons, Vanessa Hudgens and Rachel Bilson, artfully dress their scarves down with a bold colour and a bold label (don't we all wish we could afford Chanel). Perfect for those chilly but warm-enough-to-go-without-a-jacket days, or a coffee run to Starbucks.

If you want to wear the chunky knit scarves in style, take a tip from these two fashionable ladies. Found off of chictopia, there's nothing warmer than being bundled up in one of these scarves. Paired with gorgeous jackets and neutral colours, complete with boots, it's a perfect winter day outfit. The beige scarf can be found at Zara, $20

The infamous tube scarf - super popular these days, and very chic. If you do happen to venture towards this style, please take a tip from the girl on the left, and leave the girl on the right alone... a tube scarf and mint green cotton sun dress is not a perfect match, in my opinion! The beautiful patterend grey scarf with accents of turquoise can be found at urban outfitters, $34

fashion stop: zara

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Coco Chanel

Zara is that shop that you walk into on Robson or Metrotown and its a little cluttered, a little big, but when you find something there, it's golden (and the price tag usually nicely fits into your budget). I was thinking about this store and looking through it's December lookbook and, wow, they sell some amazing pieces! More than that, this started to give me a whole new outlook on fashionable 'office wear,' for lack of a better term. So, if you're going for an interview or just feel like dressing up, Zara is the place for fashionable, affordable, and very crisp looking pieces that you can also incorporate into your every day style.

I am a huge huge lover of puffy blouses and sexy skirts paired with tights - these outfits are so classy, yet daring at the same time. A little Victorian and a little Parisian fused together. Definitely going to be on the hunt for some polka dotted nylons.

One word, jeggings. Or, jeans that are pretty much leggings. I think they are so fun and a great way to not only show off your curves, but play around with baggier clothing and cute heels. They're branded as TRF Jeans - fashionable and affordable!

I LOVE THIS HEADBAND. And that's that. And her belt paired with a neutral blouse (notice the button detailing on the shoulder, which I adore) - perfection.

I secretly dislike tshirts, I don't know why but I think I look absolutely terrible in them. But, I'm willing to make exceptions, especially this one ($20)! The screened-on image is super cute, and paired with dark jeans and a leather jacket, black flats, you've got a perfect day-at-the-mall outfit!

Unfortunately Zara didn't offer me any price range on these items, but everything is pretty much between $30-$100, depending on the fabric and what not. Happy shopping!

13 January 2010

heels and boots, oh my!

I had an idea to involve my friends in creating a new banner for my blog - i wanted something that would embody what Discovering Elegance is about; something unique that showed each individual personality. What better to use than shoes?! My friends were very cooperative, and like always, they are so much fun to work with (thanks ladies!) Here's a couple extra shots that I edited that weren't used for the banner, but loved anyways.

Featuring: Katelyn Stacey, Alexandra Harris, Briana Barone, Alanna Male, Krista Fyffe, Kaitlyn Nebert, and Kelly Campbell (missing Karra Pierce and Andrea Cain) - the best group of best friends anyone could ask for.

Katelyn and Krista both wore Ugg boots, black and grey. Alex and Lani had heels from Spring, dark blue and a silver gray. Bri wore her Juicy rain boots, and Neebs had adorable patterned tights from le chateau. Kelly's five inch black heels were from Winners, and she made her pleather tights herself.

My friends have been so so supportive of my blog, and I can't thank them enough for that. I can't wait to interview them and/or do a little photoshoot for all of them individually, because they're all so unique and beautiful! This blog is truly inspired by the people I am surrounded by; friends and family who take chances and do amazing things with their lives, whether it's style, photography, or just going to school. I'm so happy that they've become a part of my journey through fashion. <3

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe that loving is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles." Audrey Hepburn

06 January 2010

nye and school style, weekly outfit

This past week I celebrated New Years Eve in style with my gorgeous and fashionable best friends, plus I endured my first day of my second semester at Simon Fraser University. Even though I don’t really know anyone for my Wednesday classes, I dressed to impress anyways (just in case I ran into someone – like Micaela Monk who always looks so cute!) Here’s a couple pictures of my outfits – you’ll be surprised at how reasonable I bought everything for! I’m such a bargain babe.

New Years Eve is a great reason for us girls to get all glammed up – buy a new outfit, get our hair done, and maybe purchase a new pair of sexy heels. With money being tight though, I was just going to wear a dress from last year; but my amazing mom surprised me by buying me a super cute outfit for Christmas!

My gold bustier top is from Sirens – it came with a little black belt as well, which was perfect since I needed a new one ($19). My high waisted taffeta-style skirt with a large bow on the side is also from Sirens ($23)! The gold and pearl necklace is from Le Chateau ($15) and my great gold pumps, which I also wore for grad and are surprisingly comfy, are from Aldo (around $80). Oh, and my new lob haircut – 20$!

I loved this outfit that I wore because it just reminds me of Blair Waldorf circa Season One, when everything was tights, flats, and headbands. I recently bought my skirt from Aritzia, Talula brand ($70 – but I had a giftcard); I love it because of the zipper in the front and how well it fits! My black tank is from Tristan (on sale for $15), and my black cardigan with sequin detailing is from Costa Blanca, also something like $15. Cream tights are Urban Outfitters ($16), black flats with jewels from Joneve, designer Roberto Vianni ($35), my little black belt from Sirens (came with gold bustier top) and finally, my favourite headband which is featured below in ‘embellish me, please.’

I get made fun of sometimes for dressing up at school, but the way I see it, school is a place that surrounds itself in fashion! What I wear to school helps me remember cute outfits for other occasions, so I try them out beforehand to see how I feel in them, or how comfortable they are. I also get a lot of fashion ideas from what random people are wearing – the new trend I’m seeing is mustard coloured opaque tights! So don’t be afraid to dress up for boring old school – it’ll make it much more enjoyable, I promise.

02 January 2010

xxi twist: tres paris

I think I almost passed out when I went on to the Forever 21 website and saw that they had a new feature, XXI Twist: Tres Paris. I figured that I had to do a feature on my favourite outfits from the collection because it is almost like they found everything that I loved and threw it all into one store for the most incredibly reasonable price. I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW AMAZING EVERYTHING IS. They’ve incorporated a Parisian colour scheme of black, cream, gray and red; French language dons the slouchy shirts, which is magnifique; and the skirts are either volume x 10 or sleek and sexy. Now, if only I could sneak out of class early and head to Metrotown on Monday…

Charcoal 'Ruffled Over Dress'
$35 Forever 21

This caught my eye right away, it is a total masterpiece. The silhouette would fit perfectly on any body type, accentuating those curves but hiding any padding in the back. It's a great colour, it has water resistant ruffles (seriously?) and a hood! Anything that looks fashionable and has a hood is rated A+ in my books. This jacket/sweater is perfect to wear on rainy days underneath another coat for extra warmth, or by itself with skinny jeans and bootie heels.

Gray 'Crochet Cap' and Black 'Rosette Gloves'
$11 and $8 Forever 21

Who can resist accessories that are as cute and inexpensive as these? This hat makes me melt - the little black bow and pearls make it sophisticated, but the crochet keeps it casual. I'm an adorer of hats, and I know that not everyone thinks they can pull them off, but this one is too cute to pass up. The gloves are so adorable and classy, without too much fuss. I can just picture these being worn with a boyfriend blazer, sleeves rolled up to expose the cream roses on the gloves! Tres chic, non?

Cream 'Lattice Back J'Aime Top' and Grey 'Belted Pinstripe Short'
$19 and $24 Forever 21

Okay, translation: j'aime mode = i love fashion. Can this top be anymore perfect? Oh yes, it can, because the wicked lattice back gives that extra bit of edge to a plain tee (not shown in the picture). I used to be partial to the trend of shorts in the winter, but I'm completely converted - when worn with opaque black tights, these pinstripe beauties are perfect for those mild winter days. Paired with flats or even boots, it creates a dressy-casual look!

My Three Favourites
Outfit (1) = Total $50
Outfit (2) = Total $38
Outfit (3) = Total $67

First of all, this model is stunning. These three outfits immediately jumped out at me, especially outfit (2), and look at that, it's the most inexpensive! Some memorable pieces are the eiffel tower message scarf and eiffel tower slouchy gray shirt, which I will definitely be snatching up in the near future. I also loved loved loved the cream skirt with coloured roses, and the volumized bow skirt! This collection makes me want to jump on a plane and fly to Paris... but since I can't do that any time soon, I'll make due with Tres Paris.