24 February 2010

finding your inner child


Picture that silly little napkin your mom wrapped around your neck as a baby, add jewels, ribbons and a bunch of glamour, and you're left with the gorgeous new trend of bib necklaces. I've been seeing these amazing pieces pop up in some of my favourite stores and I think they are a perfect way to make any outfit incredible. Whether it's a simple cardigan sweater and jeans, or a little black dress, these accessories definitely make a statement. Just remember not to pair them with bold patterns or else it'll scream messy.

One of my least favourite personalities, but a person who's fashion I follow closely (I love her neutral outfits with pops of bright colour!) Olivia Palermo has mastered the art of the bib necklace. As she has teamed up with noted designer Roberta Freymann to create her own line of jewelry, it's only natural that she boasts pieces with impeccable ability to shock. I love how she uses these necklaces in subtle ways that accent her outfit, and in other times they become the focal point, drawing attention away from the outfit. Her attention to detail is perfect, and even though her attitude falls short on The City, her fashion sense more than makes up for it.

These are two beautiful bib necklaces in light colours that would go great with solid colours and neutral beige. The filigree short gem necklace from Target ($40) would be amazing paired with a lush green sweater and jeans, or a flowy blue floral dress with tights. The pearl bib from Forever 21 ($20) would look amazing with a cream top and dark blazer and minimal makeup - making a statement without being overpowering.

On the opposite end, these beautiful dark jeweled necklaces go incredibly with black, gray, and navy. I have one myself, and I paired it with a simple black dress, black tights, and a belted black sweater. The necklace brightened up the outfit and made it instantly dressy. These two (Maiello Necklace, Aldo Accessories $20, and Bib Necklace, Express $40) are dark enough to wear at night, but also contain enough colour to attract attention. I'd also pair these with a white long billowy shirt and a cropped jacket and thigh high boots - casual but chic!

11 February 2010

love is in the air

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and I can't wait to celebrate love! Even if you're single this year, take the time to give your parents or siblings a card and some chocolates, because this day is about telling the people who love you just how much you love them. And what better way to do that, then in style! I've put together some amazing ideas for a night on the town, a romantic dinner at home, or a cozy picnic in the park. Taking on the traditional colours of red and pink, simple accents can go a long way to sprucing up a neutral outfit! Make this an excuse to try something bold that you haven't ever done before - even if pink or red isn't your colour in clothing, don't back down from a cute headband or sexy red heels! Enjoy!

A Night On The Town

If you're like me, I choose any excuse to go out on a cute date night with my boyfriend. If you're braving the crowd downtown or choosing somewhere close to home, dress in something red that stands out! This all over rose print tube dress is Charlotte Russe ($35) and these shocking red heels with gorgeous stud detailing are Aldo ($90). Don't forget to show off those pearly whites and apply a little red lipstick! My favourite is MAC Viva Glam in deep red ($20). It'll keep your date wanting to kiss you all night!

Romantic Home Cooked Meal

I may not be the greatest cook in the world, but I sure love to be cooked for (and luckily my man is pretty handy in the kitchen)! If you're choosing to stay in this Valentine's and save a little money, opt for a neutral, comfy yet alluring outfit. I'm in love with this effortless soft pink dress from Victoria's Secret ($80) and if you're not up for a dress, choose amazing jewelry to complete your outfit! This layered necklace from missselfridge.com ($20) creates a subtle statement, and a fantastic rose ring from Oasis on your finger draws immediate attention ($25)!

A Walk In The Park

I'm a big fan of walking around parks, or anywhere with great scenery, and just enjoying eachother's company while being outdoors. With rainy Vancouver there aren't always opportunities to do so around this time of year, but if the weather clears up and this is your solution to a perfect Valentine's, these are amazing pieces to celebrate the occasion. The adorable printed tee from Forever 21 ($14) is perfect to pair with jeans and comfy walking shoes, and what a cute message! Over the weekend I fell in love with this shiny tote bag printed with words of love (Forever 21 $20), and I regret not picking one up. Finally, this flirty headband from Heart by ban.do ($35) is just utterly sweet. My good friend Meagan blogged about this brand of hairpieces and I've fallen in love with them! Check out her blog here!

Embrace the red and pink of the season and rock it! Whether it's subtle like Leighton's silk skirt or all or nothing like Taylor's amazing red dress, don't be afraid of bold colours. Enjoy the holiday and spend it surrounded by the people you love!

04 February 2010

roses and blossoms galore

Lustworthy Trend: Florals

I'm much too excited for spring to come around - out with the drab black winter clothes and bring on the flouncy dresses and cardigan sweaters! Spring is one of my favourite seasons for fashion because it allows you to still layer clothing on those chilly days, but not every outfit has to be accompanied with a large coat. And, with all the beautiful spring colours, how is it possible not to wear prints? That is one thing I adore - a good pattern. This year a big upcoming trend is florals - flowers are all over everything from boots to tights to dresses! Here's some inspiration for when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom and the air smells like freshly cut grass.. ahh, springtime.

 I absolutely love Whitney Port, I think she's a really down to earth girl with ridiculous fashion sense - especially when it comes to florals. For her spring collection she featured a beautiful dress paired with a great coral jacket - that's one of the beauty's of floral, is you can mix the soft fabric with a solid to give it some edge. Her designs are cute but sultry, which fits her own personality perfectly.

H&M has recently decided to release a new line called The Garden Collection, where every single piece of clothing is made from organic or recycled materials. I think this is so innovative and keeping with the big trend of eco-chic - and did I mention the look book is fabulous? I can't wait for this to hit stores in the spring. The blue dress paired with the beige jacket makes the deep colour pop ($30 and $50) while the lighter multicoloured tunic looks amazing with slouchy shorts ($15 and $25)

I did some searching and found amazing deals on floral accessories and outfits. This super cute tiered dress from wet seal is $25! I can just see it with a long navy grandpa sweater and white gladiator sandals. This peach blossom headband is $6 from Forever 21, and these adorable floral flats are Rocket Dog, commonly found in Sterling or Joneve ($35).

Now, if you're not ready to give up black just yet, here's the floral alernative! Perfect for going out and looking fancy, Urban Outfitters floral patterned tights ($14) complete with super cute flowered detailed pumps ($25) and a gorgeous black and white high waisted skirt ($6) both from Forever 21.

I decided to try out my new floral tunic from Costa Blanca ($25) at school on Tuesday! I paired it with a slouchy black vest, black tights and a black blazer (not pictured here) but brightened it up with my matching caramel beige boots and bag! I just couldn't give up the black yet... but I will soon!