22 November 2010

winter wonderland inspiration

The shocking snowfall - that caught me seriously off guard at SFU in thin tights and jewelled flats - has got me relishing in the wonderful christmas drinks at Starbucks, romantic walks in the chilly air, and bundling up in my favourite winter coats. With temperatures that are just way too cold for my little ears to handle, I'm sporting my furry white earmuffs daily (gifted from Love From Meagan last year) and wrapping myself in my numerous scarves that have been hanging at the back of my closet for so long. I feel like we had a little burst of autumn and now I'm all snow snow snow, even though I know that it will melt and fade away by next week. So here's a little inspiration post of what has caught my eye lately to get you into the winter spirit.

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15 November 2010

elegance ensemble, brown eyed girl

I don't wear brown that often, but I did purchase these gorgeous leather boots at the beginning of spring last year and I decided to put them to good use for fall. I just bought this silk dress last month and it has become one of my favourite items in my closet this year. It's a great length, I love the print, and it is actually quite forgiving - the dark, dreary mornings have really put a damper on my work out routines. Combined with my trying-to-eat-healthy goal, I'm feeling pretty ugh lately, without even chocolate to comfort me. I have a feeling I'm going to slip into a dont talk to me mood soon with finals looming ahead, busting out the bulky SFU sweater, lulus, and Ugg boots. Sometimes it just has to happen, fashion disaster and all. How have you been combating the onset of cold, winter-like days? On a lighter note, my friends just recently got engaged! So excited for them. Love makes me so happy.

Dress, Forever 21 | Sweater, H&M | Boots, Nine West
Necklace, Gifted | Ring, Forever 21 | Earrings, H&M

12 November 2010

riding the way to equestrian chic

Okay, confession: I've recently become obsessed with riding boots. I purchased a pair from Zara which are beautiful - pictures really don't do them justice. I casually slipped them on (Zara is criminal for having all their sizes out on the floor) and it was instant love. Honestly. Love at first sight. And now I'm having second thoughts. What is with that?! I think it's like that silly scenario when you purchase your wedding dress, and then a couple days later you see another beautiful gown just sparkling in the window. It's crazy. Fear of commitment, perhaps? Maybe.

It's difficult because I put these gorgeous boots on, and I feel amazing. This could be due to the fact that I never, ever have blown two hundy on a pair of boots. Last-year-Rachelle would be like, heeeeelllll no. But Rachelle-with-well-paying-job says, suuree why not. What am I getting myself in to? To convince myself that I made the right choice I put together a big post of beautiful riding-type boots. I think I can truthfully say that I still love mine. Although those Modcloth ones are still staring me down.

05 November 2010

style discovery, emma watson

It is no secret that I am anxiously awaiting the Part 1 November 19th release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and along with that comes the gorgeous Emma Watson. After ending her contract with the Harry Potter production, she opted for a new, drastic pixie cut which I think she pulls off with such ease. In her interview she seems so humble about her over-night success, and says she's still in shock about being a multi-millionairess. Must be nice! I loved her campaign for Burberry Prorsum, and with the release of the final installment of Harry Potter coming out in a couple of weeks, Emma has been gracing the covers of countless magazines. I am actually in love with the beautiful neutral tones of her Marie Claire spread - the cream embellished jacket is to die for. And photographer Mario Testino of her Vogue UK shoot puts in his thoughts on Emma: "There's no diva in that girl. I like the fact that she has a point of view. She'll jump into a project and give it her all." What are your thoughts on Emma and her new elfin look?