30 December 2011

oatmeal cranberry cookies

You're about to witness a rare sight: Chelle in the kitchen! I will be the first to admit that I'm not the most domestic person, but I'm slowly learning how to cook meals and bake desserts. Personally, I have taken a liking to baking, probably due to my sweet tooth. Each year around Christmas I attempt to make these delicious oatmeal cranberry cookies (with a secret ingredient of white chocolate chips!). They turned out the best ever this year, and they're a huge hit in my family! Crisp and golden on the outside, yet soft and delicious on the inside, these babies are worth the extra calories as a perfect after-dinner treat. Give them a try, you won't regret it! You can find the recipe I use here at food.com

Total Time: 30 minutes
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 20 minutes

A few of my own tricks: Use a pinch of extra cinnamon, add in an extra egg yolk, and soak the dried cranberries in hot water for 10 mins and strain before folding them into your dough. Mm, delicious!

29 December 2011

wind, rain & fire red

Coat, Banana Republic [Similar] | Blouse, H&M | Purse, Aldo
Jeans, J Brand | Booties, Nine West | Necklace, H&M

I definitely paid the price of living in Vancouver yesterday! It was a rainy, windy, miserable day. And, being the blogger that I am, what did I do? I decided to venture out, umbrella in hand, and snap a few shots in the pouring rain. I will admit... It was kind of fun! Despite my hair being ruined, my heels being soaked, and my photographer boyfriend grumbling about the broken umbrella I gave him (what a baby!), I couldn't stop laughing. I think it's so great when this blog pushes me to do crazy things that I would otherwise refuse. And did I mention how much I love this coat? It is safe to say that the red wool brightened the gloominess of my day. And it's perfect for the holiday season! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

Photography by Andrew Cho

27 December 2011

let your heart be light

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Wishing you all so much joy and happiness throughout the holiday season. I was so blessed this year, as I am every year – there are so many generous hearts in my life, it amazes me that I get to call them my family and friends. Between turkey dinners, Christmas parties, coffee dates with friends, last minute shopping trips, and listening to Michael Bublé's album on repeat, I found any excuse I could to wear my red wool coat, slip on my red patent heels, and apply a glossy coat of MAC 'Russian Red' lipstick. And who can forget holiday traditions? Making a gingerbread house, drinking rum and eggnog, watching Love Actually, the Stanley Park train, opening new pajama's on Christmas Eve, a mandarin orange in the foot of my stocking, leaving milk and cookies out for Santa... It is safe to say that this has been the best Christmas, ever. Happy holidays to you and yours!

My family's huge, beautiful ornament-filled tree

Gorgeous Danier gloves c/o Andrew & a faux fur Aldo clutch

My new baby - Canon dSLR EOS Rebel T3i

All wrapped up, red and sparkly

Homemade cards for my loved ones this year

22 December 2011

welcome to my insta-life

I thought I'd share with you all what I've been up to these past weeks! I know, I know, I've been MIA. I haven't had a lot of time to take outfit photos because of school and the craziness of the holiday season, but I have snapped quick pictures on my iPhone4 and posted them on one of my favourite apps, Instagram. From early mornings, late nights, holiday parties, Redbull Thre3Style, cozy outfits, shopping trips, endless amounts of Starbucks, putting up the tree, and a weirdly amazing puppet show by Ronnie Burkett, I've been a busy, busy bee. I'll promise you though, more of my personal style will be coming up shortly! Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! Ps. Only 3 more sleeps!

20 December 2011

tis the season to DIY

With my finals all finished and my friends home for the holidays, I've finally found some time to relax. And does it ever feel good to just breathe. Well, sort of! Isn't it true that life never stops? I've been going to Christmas parties, out with friends, last minute shopping trips... But it's been so great to give my brain a rest from school for a while. And I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season to the fullest! Since I'm a student and jobless at the moment, I've been cutting costs wherever possible. The perfect way to do Christmas-on-a-budget is with holiday DIY's! These are five of my favourites. So simple, so easy, and inexpensive! How can you go wrong? Get out there and be crafty! And let me know of any of your favourite DIY projects, too!

1. Cards & Envelopes, Sweet Tidings
2. Shiny Gift Wrapping, Hey Look on 100 Layer Cake
3. Gold Ornament Garland, Apartment Therapy
4. Holiday Gift Tags, Love Obsess Inspire
5. Pinecone Ornaments, Hey Look

01 December 2011

let the rain fall down

I live in Raincouver, and it rains. A lot. Luckily, this gives me the chance to purchase numerous trench coats, umbrellas, and rain boots, and they're all justified by our rain-filled culture. On my wish list this Christmas are the 'graphite' Hunter boots, but for now I've been sporting a cute plaid pair to splash through the puddles. Rubber boots are especially great for when your University is on a mountain, like mine is (why they thought this was a brilliant idea, I will never understand)! Speaking of school... It's that wonderful time of year again. 6am study sessions, 15-page papers, no time to socialize, sleep, or eat. Or breathe. Two more weeks and I'm free! Good luck to all the students out there!

Jacket, 2xpose | Dress, H&M | Scarf, Barefoot Contessa
Umbrella and gray socks, Zara | Boots, Sterling

 Photography by Andrew Cho

26 November 2011

gift guide: for the glamour girl

I've been completely inspired by all the gift ideas I've been seeing on the blogs I follow, and I couldn't help but put together my own holiday gift guide for my readers. Today it's all about the girl who looks completely glamourous and put together no matter what the occasionI'm sure we all know a few in our lives! This guide is filled with classic pieces that are fit for a lady who's minimalistic yet always makes a statement. Although a bit pricey, I had to include the Kendra Scott necklace; I swooned when I came across it while browsing the Neiman Marcus gift ideas. Have a great weekend and happy shopping... make sure to take advantage of Black Friday deals! I know I did!

1. 'Fashion' Nail Lacquer, Deborah Lippmann $16
2. Stars Clutch Bag, Zara $36
3. 'Banya' Booties, DV by Dolce Vita $145
4. Taffeta Dress, Laundry by Shelli Segal $160
5. iPhone Wristlet, Michael Kors $80
6. The One (Lace Edition), Dolce & Gabbana $82
7. In Vouge: Illustrated History, $66
8. Walker Park Hat, Kate Spade $87
9. Harlow Necklace, Kendra Scott $195
10. Rouge Coco 'Mademoiselle,' Chanel $32

16 November 2011

magenta me crazy

I'm baaack. For real this time! I've been busy with school and re-designing Discovering Elegance; I hope you like the changes! And finally a new outfit post. I have to say, magenta, cranberry, and purple-y shades are slowly taking over my wardrobe. Maybe it's because of my skin tone, but whenever I put on anything with a dark rosy hue I feel instantly more glam; and it gives a different edge to an outfit other than basic black! I wore this out for a fabulous dinner at Guu in Gastown with Jen of Her Waise Choice. I love it when I get a chance to connect with fellow bloggers and become friends outside of the online world. Although, don't let these pictures fool you. If only the weather in Vancouver was still this nice; I'll have some rainy day posts coming up this week! Happy Wednesday everyone, I'll definitely be strutting around in rainboots!

Blouse, H&M | Dress, Winners | Purse and Heels, Aldo
Necklace, Le Chateau | Jacket, Sirens

Photography by Andrew Cho

03 November 2011

sit down with jeanne beker

Back from a mini blog hiatus due to pesky midterms, I have finally been able to take a breath and write my review for Jeanne Beker's exclusive personal appearance at The Bay Downtown on October 12th. Better late than never! I was so honoured to meet and chat with one of Canada's legendary style icons. Jeanne was so humble and inspiring to us young up-and-comer's in the fashion and media industry. I love how passionate she is about her job, and she has an amazing life story -- I could've listened to her for hours! Thank you so much to Jeanne, The Bay, and Susan Tyndall for organizing this amazing experience!

Myself, along with five other Vancouver bloggers, had a chance to sit down with Jeanne, ask questions, and have a great conversation about the fashion world. I was definitely a bit star-struck when I was introduced to her; I was meeting the woman I had looked up to and watched so many times on Fashion TV! Sitting in the plush Platinum Suite at The Room, the atmosphere was comfortable and Jeanne was excited to answer any question that was thrown her way.

About the EDIT collection... She states upfront that she's not a fashion designer, but is an editor of fashion, like the everyday modern woman who edits her own closet. She emphasizes the use of comfortable fabrics and figure-flattering silhouettes for the collection -- "We have different cuts for different bodies... Nothing that will give you muffin top!"

Chatting about fashion online... Jeanne talked of her excitement about social media and blogging, and how it is starting to evolve the fashion world with a new way of branding. "It's time for the next generation of fashion coverage... that's what I love about the online world because there's so many roads, so many ways to engage... It's definitely the future of fashion."

The shoes make the outfit... She says that when planning her outfit for the day, Jeanne not only dresses for her mood, but she always starts with a great pair of heels and works from there."Painful sometimes, yes, but you know what high heels do for the spirit... they just elevate yourself."

Behind her inspiration... She admits that EDIT reflects what is in her own wardrobe for the season, and that it can span across many different generations. Jeanne expresses her love for basics and versatility, pieces that fit right and feel good. -- "Fashion at its best should always be spontaneous."

What's in her bag... Itinerary, sunglasses, hairbrush, camera, Dermalogica lotion, lip balm, gum, wallet, contact lenses, pens, a comb, lipstick. "The essentials, nothing too exotic... the lipstick of the day is Chanel No. 25 Vendôme."

Myself, Olivia, May, Valerie, Lisa, and Christie with Jeanne Beker

You can purchase Jeanne Beker's EDIT Collection at The Bay or shop online!

18 October 2011

take the time to relax

Sweater and shorts, H&M | Silk Blouse, Club Monaco
Boots, Aldo | Watch, Michael Kors | Socks, Unknown

I've realized recently that I don't relax enough. Anyone else have that problem? With school, work, interning, family, friends, my boyfriend, my blog... it's amazing that I have time to breathe! What I do love about my commute to work is that I get a whole hour to read the paper or a magazine on the skytrain. I think saying in touch with current events and what's happening in the world is really important - as is taking the time to just sit and not worry about anything for a little while. My patio is one of my favourite spaces in my parent's house to just sit and enjoy life - so take a little time for yourself today on this beautiful Tuesday in Vancouver!

 Photography by Andrew Cho