03 January 2011

cheers to new beginnings

Now that the madness of Christmas has passed and New Years Eve has come and gone, I feel ready to face 2011. I spent my NYE with my best friends and amazing boyfriend - a perfect way to ring in the new year! I definitely have some resolutions this year, which is one of my favourite parts of starting fresh. This year, my main goals are to blog often, take more chances, and to just breathe. I get so stressed with my daily activities that I'm promising to myself to take some 'me' time throughout the day. Some big news is that on the 22nd it was Discovering Elegance's first birthday! I can't even believe that it has been a full year since I started my little blog, and I am so excited for it to keep growing. My favourite photographer and amazing friend Kelly Swanson and I went to Derby Reach & Fort Langley to take some edgy outfit posts to celebrate my blog turning 1. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season!

Silk Dress, Zara | Zoe Booties, Sam Edelman | Floral Necklace, Gifted
Tights, Hue | Purse, H&M | Ring, Front & Co.


  1. oh my gosh Chelle, these photos are gorgeous! you are like from another era but still so current. i love Fort Langley, the railroad tracks are a brilliant idea to celebrate your blogs 1st b-day. can you believe the awesome weather we've had?! i'm like astounded by so much sunshine in our usually rain-ridden city. cheers to you and a most happy wish for a new year filled with joy! ♥

    pea ess: thanks for your comment lovely, made my day!

  2. Railways and old building make such perfect backdrops. The photos look gorgeous!

  3. You look great. Love your hair straight too :)


  4. Congratulations! :)
    Love your dress and the necklace, stunning stuff! :)

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  5. Very pretty! Happy bloggiversary!

    I love Fort Langley! My aunt and uncle own a complex with a coffee shop and sushi place etc there so I love visiting. Actually, the IGA in FL burned down this morning. Sad!

    You looked gorgeous

  6. Happy blog birthday, and I love the photos! The color scheme of the blues is really really pretty.

  7. Happy early blog birthday! Haha. What a cute outfit to celebrate. So feminine and chic. Love your boots! Saw your tweet about the 50%off deal. What a steal! Cool shots. Love the set. Hope all is well so far. 2011 is going to be a great year! I keep saying this to everyone. I don't know why. I can just feel it. Hehe.


  8. Awesome!
    Please check out my blog if you get the chance. I appreciate any and all feedback. Thank you so much :)
    Xx Gabriella

  9. Love the booties! I kept trying them on but they never fit my feet quite right.

    And your friend does some gorgeous photography!


  10. Congrat's on your blog birthday :) These pictures are awesome!! I just found your blog and it's great to find another Canadian blogger!


  11. Happy Birthday :D! Exciting times, and yes, we all forget to breathe every now and then. Keep it cool and classy, like these pics, great job!

    Ripped Nylon

  12. Love your JC shoes :) Cool blog, i think i'll ffollow you on google :)

    xx, yamina.


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