18 January 2011

elegance ensemble, pearls and twirls

Looking back at these pictures, I look like a giddy little girl. But that's the fun of fashion sometimes, right? I just love being able to dress girly, and I think this is one of my favourites - ruffles, pearls, hearts, bows, and embellishment calls for some joyful spins and twirls in the SFU parking lot. I guess this post doesn't really have a point. I can go on and on about school, but the best thing about today is that I got to see and spend time with great girls. Today was apparently the most depressing day of the year (hello VISA bills and mid-month blues) but, surprisingly, I felt happy. Despite the usual emotional mess that I can be at times - okay, I admit, at all times - getting things out into the open and talking to people about what's going on really helps. I hope your Monday was full of pleasant surprises to take you through the week ahead!

Dress, H&M | Jacket and Tights, Forever 21 | Shoes, Blowfish
Purse, my mom's | Belt, Aldo | Jewelry, Random & Gifted


  1. i adore your tights! so cute with the little hearts. i'm glad you had a great day, we all need those once in a while.

  2. That jacket is adorable and I'm loving the cute heart tights :) I'm very jealous about your lack of snow!!


  3. I love that dress. Super cute :)


  4. The entire outfit is so adorable, but those tights are to die for, I love them!

  5. This dress is sooo cute! Love it!!


  6. a poufy skirt to twirl around in is instant-happiness! :) you look gorgeous!

  7. Love finding your blog :)
    Love the tights and jacket! I just got some similar tights from the Gap and can't wait to wear them :)
    <3 Kastles

  8. Sometimes nothing satisfies the soul like a girly ensemble eh? You look lovely.

  9. I love the panties and the belt! I mean an Aldo Belt is the thing! Cool blog! I love it! come to mine please :D!

  10. The ruffles on your coat is just darling! You look so cute for a day of class - I usually look like a hobo haha

    -- Rachael of latentblatant.com

  11. aww you're so pretty! These photographs are fantastic. What camera do you use??

    How hard was it snowing in Vancouver the other day hey????

    xx Carly


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