25 January 2011

where the sun is warm and the air is cold

A couple weeks ago I got to spend a weekend in beautiful Sun Peaks, which for you out-of-towner's is about an hour outside of Kamloops. It has that Whistler-feel to it, but without the crazy crowds and commercial stores. And the best part? I got to spend time with my amazing boyfriend and his family. Don't we look cute and matchy-matchy in our spray-paint snowboard jackets? So, my mom is a big worrier and always makes me promise to wear a helmet - I guess she knew what she was talking about this time! I was so excited to get out on the mountain and, of course, halfway down the first run I bail right on to my wrist. Ouch. It was like that ridiculous searing pain all through my arm. I thought it was broken, but thank goodness it was just a minor sprain. At least it wasn't my head.. A little ice and some wrist guards and I was good to go! The sun came out both days and it snowed over night; we couldn't have asked for better weather. It was definitely just what I needed to relax, clear my head, and spend quality time with some great people. And also to try out some of my winter outfits! Is it crazy that I'm secretly hoping for a giant snowfall in Vancouver sometime soon?


  1. I grew up in a ski town and I can never ever get over how beautiful it is on the mountains in the winter.

    Also, that is a big chair!

  2. Looks like fun! So cute :)
    You look beautiful and happy!
    What is that leopard shirt poking out? I might need it :)
    <3 Kastles

  3. looks like you had an awesome time! by the way, love you boots! where are they from?

  4. I love love LOVE these pictures. They are so adorable and you do winter-chic beautifully ;) Love you!

    xo Meagan

  5. LOVE all the pictures! :)
    They're adorable!


  6. Your photos are so cute.

    I was up at there last year with my ex. I loved it better than Whistler.

    We took pictures of that big chair too :)


  7. OMG you are seriously super adorable!!!! Love this post darling and so glad you got to get away for a weekend and clear your head. I secretly want a snowfall too...shh ;)
    x's and o's

  8. You look so cute in your little snow outfit!! Love it!


  9. I am so Jealous! I've been wanting to go boarding for so long now. PS I love that last pic of you & the BF, beautiful!

  10. i love this post! you and your bf are adooorrrable!!

  11. Chelle you are absolutely gorgeous, and you and your boyfriend are super cute! I love those two toned boots (Zara, right?) and the beanie looks so good on you :)


  12. You two are soo cute. I usually don't think that about couples. But you both are too cute to handle!


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