28 February 2011

sponsor love: seychelles shoe event

Modnique.com, a flash sale site, has recently popped up on my online-shopping radar. I love browsing great little boutiques or the big downtown malls, but sometimes it feels so good to grab a cup of tea and shop from home in my pajamas (admit it, you know how wonderful this is). And who doesn't love an amazing sale? Offering designer merchandise at crazy discounted prices, Modnique allows you to save up to 85% on the brands that you know and love.

I was so excited to hear about a killer sale for Seychelles Footwear. Offering a diverse selection of boots, sandals, heels and flats, the Seychelles brand is "independent and romantic, with a sharp eye for mixing the best vintage elements with modern designs." Sounds like my kind of shoe. And the best part: Chelle, Seychelles? Hmm.. it just might be destiny!

Don't miss out on snatching up a pair of Seychelles for yourself. I'm definitely eyeing those pretty rosette sandals for Spring. The sale runs until March 6th and I'm excited to offer my readers a special code: enter FIRST20 at the checkout and the first 20 people will receive free shipping on their order! Better hurry. Happy shopping!

26 February 2011

day twenty: leopard print

These pictures are so silly that I love them. Meagan is the greatest little photographer, seriously. She was so sick this day and she braved the cold to snap these shots for me! We were just outside SFU Harbour Center and in the one picture I'm laughing because a random guy called out "Hey leopard lady!" and it made me do a very embarrassed face, which then caused me to laugh at how stupid taking pictures in front of other people is. I'm still not fully accustomed to it... and I don't know if I ever will be. But anyways! I said on my Facebook page that I had a lot of great news to share. My blog is taking some big steps and so is my writing! So, I'll be keeping you updated as certain things progress, but I can tell you this: I'm going to be a 'published' fashion writer! Of sorts, ha. I'll be writing a little fashion column for InContext Magazine, distributed by the SFU Communications Student Union. So if you ever find yourself at the SFU campus, pick up a copy for a good read. My first article will be on women's and men's interview attire!

Dress as skirt, Winners | Top, H&M | Jacket, Danier
Flower Brooch, Guess by Marciano | Purse, One Plus One
Tights, Hue | Shoes, Aldo | Ring, Forever 21

24 February 2011

day nineteen: a love of hats

I'm back from a small hiatus - blame it on University. Those professors just know how to pile on the midterms and papers all in the same week, huh? Throughout this challenge I have a newfound appreciation for hats. My hair was still semi-curled from the night before, but it was a little flat, so I threw on a hat and called it a day. I just loved the comfortable vibe of this outfit, which was perfect for a sushi date with my boyfriend (who took these great shots)! This sweater is probably my favourite sweater in the whole wide world of sweaters. Versatile, warm, and the perfect beige colour. Unfortunately, with all the wear its been getting, it's starting to pill. Anyone have any good ideas on preventing this? I'm a bit tempted to purchase another one similar... although, I can't shop until March 3rd. Let the countdown begin! A girl can never have enough oversized cardigans!

Sweater, H&M | Jeans, J Brand | Boots, Nine West
Purse, Aldo | Watch, Guess | Top, H&M | Hat, Gifted

21 February 2011

day eighteen: laughter and layers

This day (and night) was so much fun. Full of friends, dancing, and so much laughter. Good news: I'm starting to fall in love with my cowboy boots. They just add a little 'Taylor Swift' to any outfit. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? She does have a very girly-country style, so I'll embrace it. I've had to start being seriously creative with my outfits lately to make them seem different and interesting. Kendi's half-way tips were really helpful and motivated me to keep going with this crazy challenge. I've been feeling so frustrated by only being able to wear certain clothes and shoes! So, I tried layering this blouse over my cream dress and I really loved the end result. I think I'm definitely going to get more use out of my dresses by turning them into tops and skirts. For all those remixers out there, we're almost in the home stretch! And for all those Vancouverites, I hear snow is in our forecast... so I hope you enjoyed the nice break of sunshine!

Blouse, Vera Moda | Dress as skirt, H&M | Boots, Zara
Scarf and purse, my Mom's | Sunglasses, Unknown | Belt, Aldo

19 February 2011

day seventeen: a day with mama

Although we butt heads a lot of the time with our strong personalities and the my-voice-needs-to-be-heard mentality, there is no one else that knows me as well as my Mom does. As I get older, I'm starting to appreciate what my mom does for me more and more. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, she is one fashionable lady. We decided to have a mother-daughter date, starting with lunch at Coza and then spending the rest of the day at Spa Utopia. We sipped their signature tea (rooibos, sweetened with apple juice and a sprig of mint) while dabbing our faces with eucalyptus-infused cold towels in the steam room. We both had a massage, and myyy goodness. I'm tempted to get one every month. I was so relaxed and in the best mood possible! Actually amazing. Afterwards, we sat in the lounge with the fire roaring, clad in the fluffiest robes and talking about life over white wine. It was great quality time, and it doesn't happen enough in our lives! So please give your Mom's a big hug for me, or at least call them up and chat about the day. They'll appreciate it, I promise.

Coat, Banana Republic | Dress, Winners | Hat, Boutique in Paris
Sweater, byCorpus | Boots, Spring | Ring, gifted

18 February 2011

day sixteen: feeling vintage

I don't have too much to say, except for the fact that the weather has been really nice lately. The sunshine was beautiful so I ran outside to take a few pictures. I think my attempt at the self-timed images was much better this time, although the background is all blown out from the sun. I actually ended up wearing this outfit with boots instead of heels (a little more practical), but I just loved the lace-on-lace with the skirt and tights. These tights have been sitting in the bottom of my drawer and I've finally resurrected them. They're actually a great accessory piece - I think you'll be seeing a lot more of them soon! Messy hair calls for a great hat, and this is one that I love. I have to say I'm a lucky girl because my mom has the best hat collection in the world. Not to mention scarf collection, boot collection, coat collection... You can see where I get my love of fashion from! 

Blouse, Boutique in Kerrisdale | Dress as skirt, Zara
Tights, Gifted | 
Hat, Nine West | Floral brooch, GUESS by Marciano 
Heels, Sam Edelman | Bracelet and ring, my Mom's

17 February 2011

day fifteen: railroads & old buildings

For most of us University students, it's reading break right now. My fellow fashionista Meagan and I had this genius plan to spend one whole day sitting in our comfy clothes and doing homework. Strictly homework. Maybe with a little tea on the side, but that was that. So this is how it really went: Comfy clothes were replaced by stylish outfits fit for a photo shoot. We stared at our Macbooks, I sent a few emails that desperately needed to be sent, and then, "How about we go walk around Fort Langley instead? Maybe go to Wendel's for coffee?" Yep. This is how not to be a good student. But, the weather stayed rain-free and we caught the last bit of daylight. Is the background not incredibly pretty? I've done two photo shoots with Kelly Swanson Photography (here and here) in Fort Langley as well, and I'm still amazed at how adorable it is. Also as a side note - I finally wore my fur vest!

Vest, Forever 21 | Sweater, byCorpus | Dress, Forever 21
Scarf & Hat, my Mom's | Tights, Hue | Shoes, Aldo

16 February 2011

day fourteen: be my valentine

There's just something about Valentine's Day that is so romantic, and a perfect time to let your family and friends know that they're loved. My parents and I always do something as a family every year; I met them for dinner after work at a great Greek place in Coquitlam. We usually get each other the typical chocolates, flowers, and funny cards. I got a whole lot of chocolate this year... I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Probably bad, but it all just tastes so good! Does anyone else love cordial cherries as much as I do? I would do anything for those babies. Mmm. Anyways, since my boyfriend and I celebrated on the thirteenth, I kind of dressed down for Valentines with just a simple sweater dress and tights. This is partly due to the fact that almost nothing in my 30 items is red. It also poured all day so that means indoor pictures (blah).  But, I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love! And I can't forget a very happy birthday to my red-headed best friend Andrea Valentina Cain!

Sweater, Guess | Tights, Hue | Flats, Nine West

15 February 2011

day thirteen: a day of love

I'm just going to put it out there and say that I am seriously in love with my boyfriend. And I should be, we've been together for a loooong time. But, he is the cutest, and I don't brag about him enough. We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday because we were both working on Monday, and he planned a date to White Rock beach. As we were walking towards the pier I see Kelly and her hubby Matt walk up behind us! Surprise! Valentine's Day photo shoot! It was so adorable and fun... I just had the best time. Afterwards we had tea and cupcakes at Tracycakes Bakery Cafe and browsed the little shops. For dinner, it was a romantic meal at the Boathouse. Oh, did I mention he also made me a Jar of Love with 100 things that he loved about me? I get to read one a day! Ahh, yes I am smitten. I hope all of your sweethearts were as great to you as mine was to me!


Jacket, Guess | Sweater, byCorpus | Scarf, Gifted
Pants, Joe Fresh | Boots, Spring | Ring, Forever 21

Photos by Kelly Swanson Photography