01 February 2011

day one: comfortable cowboy

I always feel like I'm ready to go to the rodeo whenever I wear anything that is remotely country-like, but these boots were love at first sight... And then I neglected wearing them because of my fear of looking like a cowboy. Cowgirl? Anyways. I pushed myself out of my little fashion box (which is one major theme of my 30 for 30 challenge!) and wore them with two of my most comfortable items, a cream knit sweater and gray skinnies. Today I didn't do much, since Tuesday's are my catch-up-on-anything-i-missed days, but when Meagan spontaneously texted me to check out Aldo's new spring line, we couldn't resist a trip to the mall! Ahem... Shopping: 1, Rachelle's willpower: 0. I can't believe I didn't even last one day on my shopping ban. Ridiculous. But, I promise: NO MORE! Oh, and did you guess? I ended up leaving with those beautiful wooden heeled wonders that are my 'Lust of the Week.' So satisfying!

Sweater, H&M | Blouse, Vero Moda | Pants, Joe Fresh
Scarf, My mom's | Boots, Zara | Necklace, Gifted
Headband, Buffalo | Watch, Guess? | Purse, Coach


  1. You're so pretty m'dear!

    I love this look. It's the perfect combo of comfy and gorgeous.

    As for breaking the shopping ban already? bahahaha... that's amazing. Those are some amazing shoes though. If you're going to break the ban those are a good reason to do so ;)


  2. You look so adorable Chelle, I love how you always manage to pop girly accents into any outfit you are wearing. I checked out the Aldo site yesterday and fell in love with those too! The cutest in their Spring line up so far, in my opinion! I'm considering them as well... might just have to cave and get them! How's the quality on them? Leather soles/upper?

    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  3. P.S. Are those Aldo shoes comfortable??

  4. Very cute outfit! I love that long and comfy looking cardigan and your headband is so pretty.
    I'm doing the 30X30 too and have a link up every WEdnesday for everyone who wears any jewelry with an outfit, hope to see you there sometime!

  5. love this outfit! the headband is so beautiful! I also like your shoes!

  6. Hello! Adorable boots and look. You have styled it beautifully. Lovey, that adorable headband; the cardy looks comfy and divine.

    Love that you are doing the 30 for 30 remix. It's always great to experiment with new looks, it keeps things fun & fresh. xx veronika

  7. The boots, the necklace, the feather... everything about this outfit is PERFECT!!


  8. This look is gorgeous and you don't look like a cowboy (cowgirl? ha) at all :) x

  9. yay, found another vancouver blogger :) love the layout of your blog!


  10. Those shoes are great, I love the headband! So pretty.


  11. This is SO CUTE!! I love love love the headband!! I am so inspired that you are doing the challenge! I've thought about it but I've been nervous. I can't wait to see how you do!!


  12. Oh my gosh, you're seriously soooo cute! I'm doing the remix as well. Love your pieces, looking forward to more of your looks!!


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