19 February 2011

day seventeen: a day with mama

Although we butt heads a lot of the time with our strong personalities and the my-voice-needs-to-be-heard mentality, there is no one else that knows me as well as my Mom does. As I get older, I'm starting to appreciate what my mom does for me more and more. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, she is one fashionable lady. We decided to have a mother-daughter date, starting with lunch at Coza and then spending the rest of the day at Spa Utopia. We sipped their signature tea (rooibos, sweetened with apple juice and a sprig of mint) while dabbing our faces with eucalyptus-infused cold towels in the steam room. We both had a massage, and myyy goodness. I'm tempted to get one every month. I was so relaxed and in the best mood possible! Actually amazing. Afterwards, we sat in the lounge with the fire roaring, clad in the fluffiest robes and talking about life over white wine. It was great quality time, and it doesn't happen enough in our lives! So please give your Mom's a big hug for me, or at least call them up and chat about the day. They'll appreciate it, I promise.

Coat, Banana Republic | Dress, Winners | Hat, Boutique in Paris
Sweater, byCorpus | Boots, Spring | Ring, gifted


  1. That sounds like such a wonderful day! I love being with my mom! Your dress is so cute.

  2. Aww, such a cute post! I love me some mom-time! Hoping to squeeze some of that in this week ;)

    Lovely outfit!;)

  3. Love this outfit! And boyyy I'd loooove a massage... *sigh* haha

  4. Sounds like a lovely day!

    You should have a mother/daughter day at The Salt Tasting Room in Gastown - great wine and food!

    xoxo Rachael of latentblatant.com

  5. aww, i love my mama! and yours too! lol :)

  6. such a cute blog! you are beautiful :)


  7. i love your sweet tribute to your momma!! and i just caught up on the last few days of your posts -- you are gorgeous and i love your clothes. all of them. :)


  8. You look so cute! Also, spending day with Mom=Best idea ever! :)


  9. Love that classic camel coat.

  10. it's so true, mother always knows you best, I love spending quality days with just me & my momma

  11. What a stunning winter coat! I want it.


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