07 February 2011

day six & seven: all about neutrals

If there's one thing that the 30 for 30 Challenge has taught me already, it's that my wardrobe consists of a very high concentration of neutrals. And these two days I feel especially beige. I promise, more colour is on the way. My Jones soda cap said today that "Fun and exciting things are in your future." That has to be a good sign right? Although please excuse my night time pictures. I look so ridiculous with the camera flash on. But, I had to work during the day, so it's all I could do! Today I had all my girlfriends over for our Monday night TV shows, but I've got to admit, Gossip Girl has been letting me down these days. Pretty Little Liars on the other hand, oh boy. It is my new favourite show. I don't know why, but it is so addicting! Anyways, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Monday; the Vancouver sunshine was such a pleasant surprise wasn't it? Walking around Gastown on my break from school was so enjoyable... too bad I'm on a shopping ban.

Skirt, Forever 21 | Top, H&M | Boots, Spring
Sweater, byCorpus | Jacket, Danier | Necklace, Unknown

Dress, Zara | Sweater, H&M | Boots, Nine West
Hat, Gifted | Bag, Mom's | Belt, Calvin Klein
Ring, Forever 21 | Earrings, Mom's


  1. your outfits always have the best texture. soo pretty!
    I'm so jealous of your Monday shows! I need tv back asap!!

  2. When you grow tired of these outfits after remixing them, feel free to send them down 99/I-5! I like the delicateness of the lace top, pearl necklace, and floral skirt of the first outfit. I sooooo need to visit Zara because I've liked every Zara item I've seen on blogs. That hat is too cute and so flapper-ish!
    Check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. Loving the net and lace detail to both your outfits! :) Gorgeous!


  4. neutral is a good thing sometimes, you've gotta start somewhere!
    p.s. love your hat!

  5. I sent the stylish blogger award your way! :)

  6. You look like you popped right out of Paris in that second outfit. So gorgeous my dear- So wonderful having such a fashionable friend :)

    xo Meagan

  7. i love both outfits, and especially that darling hat. you are so beautiful!


  8. I'm absolutely obsessed with that hat! I definitely need one!



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