14 February 2011

day ten, eleven, twelve: triple threat

I'm baaack. After four days of being seriously MIA, here's a triple dose of outfits. This 30 for 30 remixing is hard work; I applaud every single one of you who have completed it successfully, because it is tough. I actually have to wake myself up at least fifteen minutes earlier to stare at my closet and come up with some new combination of now-very-well-worn clothes. For the people who have done this in the past, do you want to look at your 30 choices after it's all done and just be like, "Okay, I'm never wearing this ever again." Because that's how I'm feeling right about now. But, I'm also sooo excited to wear everything else in my closet that has just been dormant and waiting for me. What's also hard is taking a picture of myself every day. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's annoying, especially when I have to take it at night or in my house. I really need to brush up on my photography skills. I promise better pictures to come (seriously, look out for the Valentine's post!)

Skirt, Talula | Sweater, H&M | Dress as shirt, Forever 21
Necklace, Gifted | Flats, Blowfish | Tights, Urban Outfitters

Dress, Zara | Jacket, Banana Republic | Shoes, Aldo
Necklace, Gifted | Earrings, Gifted | Tights, Hue

Pants, Guess | Sweater, H&M | Shoes, Aldo
Blouse, H&M | Necklace and Belt, My mom's


  1. Loving the necklaces with all your outfits!


  2. So cute! I know it is so hard taking these pictures everyday! Love the booties in the last one!
    <3 Kastles

  3. super cute, Love the zara dress :)

  4. all 3 outfits are a hit!! good job, you're almost there!

  5. I'm loving all the airtime your beautiful Aldo oxford pumps are getting in this 30 for 30. Very deserving those shoes are.. considering they look great with everything! Oh, and there you go again looking all model-like in the last photo= Goooorgeous!

    xo Meagan


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