15 February 2011

day thirteen: a day of love

I'm just going to put it out there and say that I am seriously in love with my boyfriend. And I should be, we've been together for a loooong time. But, he is the cutest, and I don't brag about him enough. We decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on Sunday because we were both working on Monday, and he planned a date to White Rock beach. As we were walking towards the pier I see Kelly and her hubby Matt walk up behind us! Surprise! Valentine's Day photo shoot! It was so adorable and fun... I just had the best time. Afterwards we had tea and cupcakes at Tracycakes Bakery Cafe and browsed the little shops. For dinner, it was a romantic meal at the Boathouse. Oh, did I mention he also made me a Jar of Love with 100 things that he loved about me? I get to read one a day! Ahh, yes I am smitten. I hope all of your sweethearts were as great to you as mine was to me!


Jacket, Guess | Sweater, byCorpus | Scarf, Gifted
Pants, Joe Fresh | Boots, Spring | Ring, Forever 21

Photos by Kelly Swanson Photography


  1. This is amazing! they turned out beautifully! what a nice surprise. good job bf!!

  2. ooh! and if you get the chance to swing by my blog for my first giveaway!

  3. This is too cute, I love that he wrote 100 things he loves about you! The pictures look beautiful, I love you boots.

  4. A Valentine's photoshoot? I'm obsessed! The pics look great :)

    I also adore the idea of the Jar of Love.

    (oh, and you look lovely ;))


  5. This is all adorable! You brag all you want about him missy! Glad you had such a great day! The pictures are beautiful :)
    <3 Kastles

  6. Your boyfriend sounds like the sweetest! And you two are too cute. I am IN LOVE with your hair!

  7. ahhh I'm in love. two beautiful, wonderful people. glad you got treated to such a special day- much deserved. you look great! love you!

    xo Meagan

  8. You look so sweet! :) I wish you two many many years together. I love your boots, btw :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  9. Awwww what a sweet story Chelle and you look SO gorgeous. You two are just adorable and seriously, a GUY making you a "jar of love"?! You truly are the luckiest girl!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  10. You two make an adorable couple. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  11. soooo cute! Amazing photos, hope you guys had a great love day <3


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