02 February 2011

day two: taller than normal

This morning I stood in front of my closet and stared at it for 30 minutes, trying to decide what to wear. It is only day two and I'm having troubles! I think this is only because I dress according to my mood, and with limited options it's hard to accomodate how I'm feeling at times! Sometimes I don't want to be creative, I just want to throw on some jeans and a sweater and walk out the door. So that's what I did! Admittedly, I don't actually wear jeans very often, which is why I wanted to include them in my 30 picks. Pairing them with heels was a fun choice which made me feel extremely long-legged all day (for us shorties, it's a big deal!). Well, enjoy the rain-less weather while you can Vancouverites, because apparently there's lots to come. And Mr. Groundhog presented us with lovely news: six more weeks of winter. Ugh. With the lack of snow and all the lovely Spring lines being showcased, the warmer months can't come fast enough!

Jeans, J Brand | Jacket, Guess | Heels, Aldo
Shirt, H&M | Belt, Aldo Accessories | Ring, Forever 21


  1. Love this! Those shoes are lovely! I agree, heels are perfection for us short girls :D
    Pooo...our Groundhog told us spring is coming...haha...

  2. You look so beautiful! I love how pretty and soft the top of the outfit is. And those shoes are killer! :)


  3. i feel like that crazy groundhog ALWAYS predicts six more weeks of winter! grrrrr.

    good luck, fellow 30x30 remixer! :)

  4. i hate when i can't figure out what to wear, thats the worst. That my excuse for shopping =]

    cool blog


  5. LOVE those shoes. So cute and super versatile. I often feel lost when trying to decide what to wear, too! I know what you mean when you just want to throw on some jeans and a sweater. You can do that in a good way though! Just pick good pieces. Your jacket is so cool, too. I wish I could see the colour of it! Is it a shearling type thing? Props to you for doing this 30 for 30 challenge. I'd give up so easily!


  6. like your style and you look so pretty my dear:)
    follow each other?


  7. I love those shoes! Good luck with 30x30 :)

  8. You look great!
    I can't tell you how much I love those shoes! The whole outfit...simple and beautiful!

  9. everyone's got different ways of dressing up. i don't care for what i wear normally but the remix always makes me plan ahead thus ending up looking better (relatively speaking) than i usually do.

    but for someone with limited options you look great! i love how the jacket and heels complement each other. lovely!

  10. aren't aldo shoes the best? great pairing of shoes with your jeans

  11. Those shoes are SOO cute! Love your outfits :)


  12. hi beautiful! I love your aldo heels! Way to match it with a perfectly fit blazer too!

    thanks for stopping by PLUMS AND PEARLS.

    Please come by again as my FEBRUARY GIVEAWAY is up for one week with an offer of a $200 gift.

  13. Cute jacket and the outfit looks so fab! =)


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