22 March 2011

day thirty: peace out

It's officially over! My Thirty for Thirty Challenge is complete, and it feels so good to have that accomplished. It seems like this took centuries to finish (granted I did cheat a little bit during exam season) but now I can go back to my beautiful unworn clothes with a new frame of mind. Today was the craziest day. It started out horrible. I was late, it was raining, another Tim Horton's PPA, my hair was doing weird things, and I was majorly stressing out about my two huge papers due in a couple days. Then, to top it all off, my Dad calls and said that the amazing, perfect trip that he found to Mexico was gone when he called our travel agent in the morning. Seriously? I won't lie, I teared up on the skytrain home. Luckily Meagan was around to keep me sane. I got home, did a little bit of an outfit overhaul, made some tea, and took a deep breath to calm down. I ended up spending the evening at SFU Surrey trying to conjure up ideas for my essay, and I started to make progress. Then, I received an email that I was granted an extension on my paper until Monday. I literally jumped up, did a twirl, and started to cry. So. Happy. THEN my Dad called and said he found another, even better, more amazing trip to Mexico. Booked. So. Excited. Day was officially awesome. And this outfit? Yeah, it may be Spring, but I had to bust out the fur vest. I felt kind of hippie and wonderful in it. Thanks to Meagan for these awesome shots!

P.S. My article Fashion Your Way To The Perfect Interview for InContext SFU Magazine is published! Take a peek and pick up a copy at Harbour Center or Burnaby campus for a great read :)

A little celebratory dance!

Vest & Dress, Forever 21 | Pants, Joe Fresh
Purse & Shoes, Aldo | Watch, Guess | Necklace, Gifted


  1. The dress and the shoes are absolutely stunning! Congrats for completing the challenge... I don't know I do I keep on postponing it... :D

    You had such a crazy day truly... Mine is calm... I overslept... missed classes and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and my favorite blogs now :)



  2. Cute outfit. And awesome job finishing your 30x30! I've got one week left, and you're right--it's never ending.

    That's so exciting you've booked a trip to Mexico! And I love when assignments are extended. It sounds like you had a great Monday :)

  3. Love this outfit! And I'm so glad everything ended up working out for the better! I love when horrible days turn into awesome ones :D

  4. i started to follow you
    it will be great if you follow me TOO

    much love

  5. You look so cute! love the shoes girl!


  6. I like your vest :)

    Lea Soe,

  7. glad your day turned out amazing!! :) jealous of your trip though, haha!!


  8. you did such a fantastic job! Congrats on being done :)

  9. you pull of this outfit amazingly well. i love it on you!!
    and congrats on finishing, it is a great feeling. :)


  10. YAY Congratulations pretty girl!!! I truly enjoyed seeing every single outfit!! You're looking fierce as always! ;-)


  11. congratulations of finishing your 30x 30 challenge!!! and yay for mexico!!! i might need a postcard ;)

  12. congratulations! :)
    Love that fur vest!


  13. Yay! Congratulations! I would NOT be able to survive the 30 days. Sees like school has been though for everyone! BUT DON'T WORRY... 3 more weeks and we're finished with the semester. :) Lucky you! Mexico sounds good. Well, anywhere with sunshine would be great right now.

    You're outfit is so adorable! Love your celebratory dance picture. So cute! The vest is awesome. I can't stop staring at your shoes. They're gorgeous, but as soon as I saw them touching the grass, in my head I said "Uh oh, they're going to get dirty..." They're suede, right?

    Anyway, good luck with school! Pull through, girl!



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