01 March 2011

day twentyone: baby, it's cold outside

There was snow on the ground and it was freezing out this day. I'm a week behind, I know, but seriously, it has been so cold in Vancouver lately. Where is my springtime weather that I've been longing for? Can I blame my blog procrastination on the weather, please? The real reason I'm so behind is because it's the dreaded midterm season, which has been so stressful and overwhelming. By Thursday I'll be all done and feeling back to normal.. I hope. I'm currently living off of five hour sleeps which equals a very grumpy Rachelle. I have some really exciting things coming up in the future though! I'll be sure to announce them when I can... I'll keep you in suspense until then. Here are just a few pictures of my outfit, kind of casual and neutral. The faux fur vest is surprisingly warm and comfy!

Vest and ring, Forever 21 | Sweater, Guess | Boots, Spring | Belt, Unknown
Toque, Aldo | Scarf, my Mom's | Lipstick, Russian Red MAC


  1. loving the red lipstick on you! And the whole outfit too ;))

    I just read something about how Canada should expect a cold spring...but i'm choosing to ignore it for now! I need the hope!

  2. Love this outfit!! It was actually warm-ish here today which is rare...

  3. I love the colour of your lipstick!

  4. Love the red lips. You look so cozy! I understand the stress with midterms, it is no fun! Why do they always have midterms after reading-in-week? Good luck!
    <3 Kastles

  5. you look amazing! I love the fur & your red lips!!

  6. The red lips are clearly a hit! The whole look is incredible. Nicely done, especially on 5 hours sleep!

    p.s. Your hair looks great!

  7. I love that 2nd pic of you! Awesome :)

  8. Such a chic cozy look! Thanks for putting the colour of the lipstick in your look--I was just about to ask.

  9. Love the furry vest on you! super cute!
    Hot Pink Day

  10. The fur vest is so hot! :)


  11. You look so adorable! Warm and comfy sounds well needed. Love that owl ring! We are def getting the cold down here in Seattle, but just rain. All the threats of snow were empty for Seattle proper.
    Come link up Thursday and join me in a happy dance!

  12. Hope your midterm went well!

    That red lipstick looks great on you and amazing outfit, as always


  13. Okay, people keep finding really cute stuff at Forever 21 (umm hello, your vest!) and I never seem to find anything! LOVE this look, the belt was a perfect way to minimize a boxy sillhouette!


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