05 March 2011

day twentythree: bright sunshiney day

Looking back on this shoot, I can't believe that I seem like I'm just basking in the sun. It was actually so ridiculously cold out, I was shivering non-stop. Afterwards our fingers were numb and we braced ourselves for that so-good-but-so-painful defrost feeling when your hands start to thaw. But, the weather could not have been any more gorgeous. Meagan and I ventured out to this beautiful hilltop spot where you can see the whole Port Mann bridge. Is the background not breathtaking? Especially on such a clear day, it was pretty amazing. This is definitely a prime spot for photoshoots; I love finding hidden gems around town! By the way, I know I've said this before, but I think this hat is my new best friend. It makes any outfit have that vintage-esque feel to it, which I am really loving these days. The countdown to the end of my 30 for 30 Challenge has started, and I'm a little bit sad that it has to end... but I'm a lot excited to wear all the neglected beautiful items that are just hanging prettily in my closet. I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and Vancouverites, enjoy the sunshine!

Jacket, Banana Republic | Dress as shirt, H&M | Skirt, Forever 21
Heels, Sam Edelman | Hat, Nine West | Tights, Hue
Necklace, Le Chateau | Sunnies, Coach | Belt, Aldo | Purse, Gifted


  1. Loooooove these pictures. So glad we stopped and shot that first photo before we left, it's my favourite one! Love you pretty girl!

  2. great outfit, you pull off those sam edelman's so well!


  3. I love that hat this is such a beautiful photoshoot!

  4. Love the outfit. The shoes are killer. Enjoy the sunshine!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yay, another Vancouverite :) These photos are beautiful! You definitely found a great place to take pictures, love the outfit, especially the skirt. You have a great blog and you're really pretty!


  6. Great photos.. so photogenic.

    Love the H&M dress/shirt.


  7. love the post and your blog!!!


  8. So gorgeous! Love that you look so glam and yet fit so beautifully in that gorgeous surroundings.


  9. I totally understand your hand thaw experience, that's how it is everytime I shoot- but hey at least we're dedicated right?

  10. You look soo classy and beautiful in these photos, Chelle! You really know how to put an outfit together :) Anyway, these country style backdrop photos remind me of Langley... which reminds me I need to email you back haha. Getting to that right now!!!

    Have a great week!

  11. Wow super cute, just started following your blog! Can't wait to see more :) xx

    -Catalina @ http://catoure-catoure.blogspot.com

  12. so cute! :) love your blouse!

    mon from http://thedoctorscloset.com


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