04 March 2011

day twentytwo: coffee please

My mom will agree, don't even talk to me in the morning before I've had my coffee or a cup of really strong black tea. This week has felt like one big loooong never-ending day. But, the excellent news is that IT'S OVER! Huge sigh of relief. Midterms are done with (I feel pretty good about them, despite studying until the wee hours of the morning) and my paper is also done with (which I also feel okay about, and thanks to my really great TA who gave me an extra day to write it. Seriously, you're the best). But, enough about school.  I feel like that's all I talk about! It's time to announce my second piece of crazy news: this year I'll be interning for a new fashion and lifestyle magazine based in Vancouver called Stylust Mag. I'll be  acting as the Health and Fitness Editor, with an emphasis on fashion, which I'm so excited about. I had been thinking about dedicating a post a week to something based around fitness since it's a really big part of my life; I was a dancer for fifteen years and I now partake in the odd yoga class and submit myself to numerous Jillian Michael's workout DVD's (she is a miracle worker). The launch of the magazine will be happening soon, and I can't wait to be a part of it. Good things are happening, people! I hope that everyone had a much better week than I did, though. My week sucked. So here's to next week! TGIF.

Scarf, Boutique in WR | Jacket, Banana Republic | Sweater, byCorpus
Tutu, Sirens | Belt & Purse, H&M | Tights, Hue | Shoes, Blowfish
Coffee, Renaissance (I recommend the London Fog!)


  1. This is probably my favourite outfit of 30x30! You seriously have the cutest style, Rachelle.

    Congrats on the internship! It sounds amazing and I'm excited for you (also a little jealous :p)


  2. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU CHELLE!!!!! You totally deserve it, you are a great writer, so smart and obviously super stylish. Honestly, you do such a great job with your outfits! Going to go catch up on your last few days now. Congrats again love xo

  3. Your too cute! I love your skirt!!

  4. Congrats on your internship-that's such an amazing opportunity!:)

    Also, I completely understand you-last week was definitely not my favorite! I felt like I barely got anything done and I was just constantly stressing out about everything I have to do...
    anyways, you look fabulous! Love all of the layers!:)

  5. Coffee is wonderful... Love the earrings.

  6. Congrats Chelle! You'll do great :)

    Enjoy your weekend.


  7. A) Congrats on the internship! Those are always great experiences :)

    B) I absolutely love your earrings.

    C) Thanks for the follow :)

  8. Yay, congrats for you & your intership!


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