27 April 2011

a day for mamma mia

For me, my mom is one of the most important people in my life. She may drive me crazy, but she inspires me to be a better person every day. This Mother's Day is coming up soon and I think it's the perfect time to show our mama's some gratitude for all the times they've given us advice, supported our dreams, and told us the truth that no one else could say - "Yes, those jeans do make your legs look bigger, dear." Find out what your mom is interested in and make the gift come from the heart. The presents that my mom has loved the most haven't costed much; usually, she gets teary eyed from the card. I always try to buy her something that she wouldn't buy herself. If your mom loves fashion, gardening, tea, cooking, or jewelry, there is an endless amount of gift options. I just fell in love with everything from Anthropologie's Mother's Day Gift Guide; isn't that apron gorgeous for the upcoming Summer months? Happy Wednesday everyone, and make sure to show your mama how much you love her on May 8th!

Silk-chiffon blouse, Erin Fetherston | Necklace, Patina Stores | Secret of my Heart bracelet, Pandora | Butterfly dress, Dorothy Perkins
My Father's Daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow | Lunch in Paris, Elizabeth Bard | The Curious Gardener, Anna Pavord
Jasmine Tea, Harney & Sons | Home Sweet Home mug, House of Fraser | Tea Lovers cup, Urban Outfitters


  1. Love the post! Great ideas for mother's day!!


  2. Ooh these are such great pieces!! I got my mom some perfume :)

  3. hello love the blog you have a new follower in me! i hope you can find some time to check out mine!



  4. My mom's my biggest inspiration as well! Great post! All your picks are lovely!



  5. I've been terrible, I wish I had planned better for mothers day - I tried to book high tea and it was all full up!

  6. Amazing post and gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  7. omg , these are alot of great ideas that i could get for my mommy ! lol. great blog and your style is awesome. if your not too busy if you could follow my blog too ?

    april .

  8. beautiful post, I agree my mom might drive me up the wall, but she's the anchor in our family.


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