13 April 2011

fast forward to warmer weather

It. Is. Finals. Week. And I may or may not be going a little bit crazy with the amount of work I have to do and the amount of sleep that I am absolutely not getting. Although I don't know if I can really complain too much, because there is a light shining very brightly at the end of exams, which translates into Mexico. Ahhh. Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and piña coladas all day. It will be a much deserved vacation, I can tell you that. Accompanying me is my fashionista in crime Love From Meagan who is not only one of my closest friends but she is becoming quite the little photographer. We took a few minutes out of our essay-writing time to snap a few shots. This is the first time wearing my beautiful new heels and I am just as in love with them as I was when I bought them last month. My pale pink blazer is a hand-me-down from my Mom and it is one of my favourite pieces for making the transformation to Spring weather. Light and structured but also comfortable and warm enough to shield from a chill in the air. Pairing it with a yellow crossbody bag, I definitely had pastel shades on my mind. For all the other University students trudging through finals, a big good luck. It'll all be over soon! At least, I keep telling myself that. Happy Wednesday!

Blazer, Morgan de Toi | Dress, Kensie | Shoes, Aldo
Purse, Nine West | Tights, Hue | Watch, Guess


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos, Chelle. And I love those sandals. Had my eye on them when they first came out but didn't want to pay full price for them... maybe one day! :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. absolutely beautiful! That blazer is amazing, good luck with finals! & have fun in Mexico :)

  3. You're always dressed so cute! I'm always so scrubbed out when I'm heading to school. Love the shoes. I somehow knew they were from Aldo before even looking at the description... weird haha. Good luck on your exams! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet? I believe it's screaming: "Mexicoooo" ;)


  4. Good luck with finals! Mexico is a great motivation to go trough the week... You look gorgeous! Love your new heels and the blazer as well as the beautiful dress!



  5. Love the outfit, you look great!!


  6. Such pale pretty hues in this outfit! Good luck with exams.

  7. Great shoes! And, well, some colour. :) Very pretty dress, and the blazer is great! Hope your exams go well.

  8. How cute!! Great look! Each piece is amazing on its own, but I love how you have put it all together.

  9. Gorgeous soes!
    The dress is so cute.


  10. what a adorable dress, perfect for spring. i love the ruffles and the print. fabulous with the tights and the shoes. it makes it perfect for spring. the shoes look extraordinary, i love the lace detail, it makes it so romantic. they are the perfect shoes to wear with such a precious dress

  11. I am in love with your shoes too. I think I would dance all over every time I would wear them. I hope your finals week is not too bad or stressful and drink a piña colada for me please!

  12. You look magnificent! I love the pale pink shade of the blazer and I just can't get over your shoes! Tehey're absolute perfection.
    Just started following. ♥ Good luck with all your studies!

  13. Mmmm doesn't dressing up make you feel better to dress up during finals? It just makes studying/ paper writing so much more bearable.

  14. Those heels are perfect, God, why can't I find them in Moscow.
    Love your look.


  15. love the florals...so pretty and feminine! and those aldo shoes...LOVE them! they make the cutest shoes.


  16. LOVE this outfit! you wear it with such perfection :)

    your blog is sooo cute!

    xx Grace



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