09 June 2011

if you like piña coladas

A month ago I had the most amazing time with one of my best friends Meagan in Mexico. My fashionista in crime, you could say we spent plenty of hours coordinating outfits (everything from our sunglasses to our floral patterns to our nail polish) and whenever one of us needed a confidence boost for what to wear out on the town, we were prepared to give honest advice. If you don't have a blogger-bff I suggest you find one, because 1) we fully understand the concept of being fashionably late and 2) taking outfit photos is way less awkward. The trip was full of tanning, sunshine, drinks and good food; I couldn't have asked for more. We ended up taking just under 700 pictures (a tad narcissistic?) so I thought a little photo diary was necessary to document our stay. Unfortunately my tan is starting to fade and Vancouver is seeing very little warm weather, but this Mexico trip has definitely gotten me so excited for Summer. I hope you all have a chance to plan a little getaway in the upcoming months - I'd definitely recommend Mexico! Adios bonitas.


  1. Great photos! It's hard to believe it's been a month already!

    Hope we'll get lots of sun here.. I'm waaayy too pale :(


  2. These are such happy pictures!

  3. These are lovely! Looks like you guys had fun.


  4. Looks like you had a great time, I enjoyed seeing your pictures, so much fun.

  5. Awesome photos - you look great!


    Passion for art and fashion

  6. you so freaking cute! I love the shot of you on the beach in your little denim cut offs.....straight out of blue crush!


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