26 August 2011

new season motivation

I'm usually not one to complain, but working out and eating right is hard. I've recently gained a little bit of weight and trying to lose that last five pounds is a killer. With August soon coming to a close, I've dedicated the month of September to try and make some healthy lifestyle changes. It's just not easy when I'm tempted with yummy snacks and desserts (especially cheesecake... my weakness). What are your secrets for staying in shape this season? I would love to know! 

I wore this outfit on a date to Banana Leaf, delicious malaysian cuisine. It was my first experience, and I'm still thinking about how amazing the food was! This Talula blouse is quickly becoming a closet favourite, with it's delicate lace pattern I love dressing it up with heels or down with jean shorts. Speaking of heels, I recently purchased these studded beauties on a trip to the outlets in Seattle. Love how the embellishment can add that little bit of edge to any outfit (and they also make my short frame look extra tall!)

Blouse, Aritzia | Shorts, Zara in Paris | Heels, Vince Camuto
Belt & brooch, H&M | Purse, Aldo
Photography by Andrew Cho


  1. I do yoga at Yyoga in richmond. I love it there! you should try yoga :) It's quite pricey though to become a member, but they still might have that $30 for 2 weeks promo. It's tough but you'll feel awesome after.


  2. I look gorgeous! Lovely outfit! I decided to dedicate September to the same thing :) And YES! It's hard!



  3. Love your outfit Chelle.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


  4. I'm in the same boat! Summer's usually a time when I lose weight because I'm going to salsa and yoga and spending more time taking walks. With less than stellar weather and a super busy schedule, I've put all of that on the back burner and consequently gained weight. I'm not too happy about it.

    We can both get back in shape! It'll just take time, discipline and patience. :)

  5. Running! Since moving to Victoria, I've done a lot of sitting around and not exercising due to the lack of gym membership, but I finally went on my first run today! I'm excited to go out for more now that I've finally gotten the ball rolling. There is something so freeing about running, and it doesn't cost a thing except for a pair of nice shoes. I've been doing a lot of pilates as well, as I don't have the patience for yoga. It seems to be helping!

    As for chow, there are some really great food blogs around. I've taken some solace in holistic nutrionists like http://emilylevenson.com/ and http://www.healthfulpursuit.com/ (who's from Calgary!).

    Best of luck!


  6. I have a real weakness for sweets, too. I can resist just about anything... Except a piece of really good cake! I'd say the "big secret," so to speak, is all about moderation. So if you like cheesecake, have a piece - just make it a small one. You look beautiful, so I wouldn't worry about those five pounds too much! I love your shoes =). Good luck!

  7. Banana Leaf is sooo good! Love your lace top and those heels are so sexy!


  8. You look perfect and so lady!
    In fact, I am always trying to loose some kilos. So I have to take some fruit with me and when everybody enjoys smth like cheesecake, I'm eating an apple :D


  9. Love your shoes!

    My husband and I have been taking advantage of summer nights and have been going for long walks together after work. Its good exercise and a nice way to spend time together.

  10. Love your outfit! The lace shirt is super cute!

  11. Honestly, your body is what i strive to have. I have however dedicated a lot oof time and energy lately to getting back into shape and I am a little disapointed with the results.. so I probably shoudln't give advice ;)

    You look gorgeous here Chelle

  12. You look so pretty, I definitely don't see any extra 5lbs on you but I know what you mean They are killer I'm trying to lose 8 and I'm not even close to making progress

  13. This is going to sound silly but I recently started running to the gym to work out, then running back home! It's a great way to get both cardio + strength work outs done (I dislike treadmills).

    You look gorgeous, great date outfit! Absolutely love the shoes, btw.



  14. love this neutral outfit! your shoes are killer! im so glad i stumbled upon your blog - i'm your newest follower. xx

  15. I am obsessed with lace, studs, and your outfit!

    xx Grace

  16. Cute outfit!


  17. What a nice top and shoes.

    B* a la Moda

  18. your hair is gorgeous! and cute lace top

  19. I love this purse and how you styled it with the studded heels and shorts!

  20. I really love brown and that pinkish colour together, such a pretty combination. Also the contrast of studs and lace in this outfit is perfect!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog too :)
    Faye xo

  21. great mix of colors. you look wonderful!



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