03 November 2011

sit down with jeanne beker

Back from a mini blog hiatus due to pesky midterms, I have finally been able to take a breath and write my review for Jeanne Beker's exclusive personal appearance at The Bay Downtown on October 12th. Better late than never! I was so honoured to meet and chat with one of Canada's legendary style icons. Jeanne was so humble and inspiring to us young up-and-comer's in the fashion and media industry. I love how passionate she is about her job, and she has an amazing life story -- I could've listened to her for hours! Thank you so much to Jeanne, The Bay, and Susan Tyndall for organizing this amazing experience!

Myself, along with five other Vancouver bloggers, had a chance to sit down with Jeanne, ask questions, and have a great conversation about the fashion world. I was definitely a bit star-struck when I was introduced to her; I was meeting the woman I had looked up to and watched so many times on Fashion TV! Sitting in the plush Platinum Suite at The Room, the atmosphere was comfortable and Jeanne was excited to answer any question that was thrown her way.

About the EDIT collection... She states upfront that she's not a fashion designer, but is an editor of fashion, like the everyday modern woman who edits her own closet. She emphasizes the use of comfortable fabrics and figure-flattering silhouettes for the collection -- "We have different cuts for different bodies... Nothing that will give you muffin top!"

Chatting about fashion online... Jeanne talked of her excitement about social media and blogging, and how it is starting to evolve the fashion world with a new way of branding. "It's time for the next generation of fashion coverage... that's what I love about the online world because there's so many roads, so many ways to engage... It's definitely the future of fashion."

The shoes make the outfit... She says that when planning her outfit for the day, Jeanne not only dresses for her mood, but she always starts with a great pair of heels and works from there."Painful sometimes, yes, but you know what high heels do for the spirit... they just elevate yourself."

Behind her inspiration... She admits that EDIT reflects what is in her own wardrobe for the season, and that it can span across many different generations. Jeanne expresses her love for basics and versatility, pieces that fit right and feel good. -- "Fashion at its best should always be spontaneous."

What's in her bag... Itinerary, sunglasses, hairbrush, camera, Dermalogica lotion, lip balm, gum, wallet, contact lenses, pens, a comb, lipstick. "The essentials, nothing too exotic... the lipstick of the day is Chanel No. 25 Vendôme."

Myself, Olivia, May, Valerie, Lisa, and Christie with Jeanne Beker

You can purchase Jeanne Beker's EDIT Collection at The Bay or shop online!


  1. That's so exciting you were able to meet her! It's neat to hear her two cents about blogging and fashion :)

  2. you guys look so amazing! what a fantastic opportunity!

  3. That must have been such a great experience meeting her! She's such a well-known face in the fashion industry and sounds like she super nice in person :)

    P.S. welcome back from your mini hiatus!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Looks like you had a good time there! Pretty awesome that you got to meet her in person :)

    Ooh and I love your ensemble with the pink skirt!! Looking good girl!


  5. Wow... how exciting meeting with her!!!! Great article!
    You look lovely and the photos are adorable!!!


  6. I'm sure you hear this all the time but you are sooo pretty!



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