25 May 2011

an overhaul is underway

I have been on a bit of a blog hiatus... whoops! Life got in the way - yes, that is my very lame excuse. I've been brainstorming about a lot of blog-related ideas lately, and I've decided that it's time for an overhaul. Some exciting photoshoot opportunities are coming up and I'm thinking of moving in a new direction for Discovering Elegance. I'll leave you with that, and keep some suspense! So how about those Canucks?! I jumped on the hockey bandwagon just in time to see my home team make their way to the Stanley Cup Finals! How fabulous is that? I love how proud and crazy this city gets over hockey. Even so, I will always choose a pretty dress over a sports jersey any day. This is just a simple summery outfit post, straight from my deck in beautiful Mexico. There's nothing like a floppy hat and leg-lengthening heels to make a girl feel great. It seems like I brought a bit of sunshine home with me, but I'm still waiting on that 30 degree weather. Mother Nature, what is it going to take?!

Skirt, Zara | Tank, Abercrombie & Fitch
Heels, Aldo | Hat, Le Chateau c/o Meagan

14 May 2011

sometimes life takes you by the hand

My trip to Mexico is finally coming to a close, and I am so extremely sad to leave this beautiful place! I've been grumpy and sad all morning, saying 'I don't want to leave Mexico!' to anyone that will listen to me complain. This vacation gave me so much time to relax and come to terms with a lot of interesting changes that have been happening in my life. Most of all, I laughed and drank and probably ate my entire weight in carbs, which ultimately resulted in me feeling happy. I'm a little scared to go back to reality but I do miss my own bed and all my friends at home. Even so, I will definitely be upset to not be able to walk out on my deck to a breathtaking view of the ocean every morning. The weather couldn't have been more amazing this week. I wore this outfit when we walked into the old part of town and it was my very first time wearing a headband, bohemian-style (not so sure if I can pull it off just yet). I unfortunately didn't get a good shot of the back of this dress, as it's open and so cute. Can Vancouver please have summer weather soon so I can recreate all my beachy outfits again? I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! Adios Mexico!

Dress,  Urban Outfitters | Belt, H&M | Sandals, Zara
Earrings, Forever 21 | Sunglasses, Gifted | Headband, c/o Meagan

10 May 2011

not a worry in the world

This is the life. Literally. It honestly takes a vacation to put my whole life into perspective... I should really go away more often to beautiful, tropical, beach-filled places. Mexico is a balmy 30 degrees and drops down to a chilly 24 at night. I'm not going to lie, I am going to be ridiculously sad to have to wear pants and a jacket in Vancouver again instead of just a sundress and sandals. The weather is warm, the people are friendly, the drinks are perfect and the food is delicious. I am obsessed with the salsa, I don't understand how they make it taste so good here. Fresh and filling, with just the right amount of spice. I've been having such a fun time, and staying so busy. The only reason why I have time to blog is because Meagan and I turned in a bit early for the night after a little too much sun, pina coladas and chicken fajitas. This outfit was worn on a trip into town, and note to self: silk may seem like a good idea, but it's not. This Club Monaco beauty is one of my favourite blouses in the world, but in the hot sun it definitely looks prettier than it feels. I styled it with my new Chanel-inspired sunnies which are so much fun. I hope everyone has been having a fabulous week. Hola from Mexico!

Blouse, Club Monaco | Shorts, H&M | Sunglasses, Aldo
Shoes, Bamboo | Purse and necklace, Gifted

07 May 2011

sponsor event: garner grace sale

I'm so excited to be hosting an amazing sale put on by Modnique (for those that don't remember, I mentioned the flash sale website in an earlier post here) for the beautiful fashion line Garner GraceThe label was started by close friends Eva and Karin, and their combined experience in the apparel industry led to an ambitious start for the collection. The name Garner Grace means to 'collect effortlessly,' and with simple silhouettes that have a daring edge, there is no question that the designs have a very classic yet on-trend appeal.

Even while browsing the look books, I can just imagine the designs looking perfect for a walk along the beach, but also transferring nicely into an evening look on a warm summer night. "Garner Grace seeks to highlight natural beauty and embodies a creative spirit and timeless rebellion." I love the glamourous, laid-back feel; the whole collection is giving me major outfit inspiration for Mexico!

I am gushing over the open shoulders of that floor length dress. Stunning! The sale runs from May 7th to the 10th so make sure to take a look at Modnique for up to 85% in savings. That's what I call a good deal, ladies.

06 May 2011

treat me like a lady

My life is feeling like one big rush. I rush to be in one place, then I'm rushing to another place. It's go go go and my brain can't keep up. Luckily, I can leave my hectic life behind for a little while as I'm off to Mexico tomorrow where there will be no rushing. At all! I'm actually trying on outfits right now; as the rain is pouring down outside, I'm clad in a romper and wedges with a floppy hat. I'm desperately trying to plan what to bring and what not to bring, but nobody told me it would be this hard! Anyways, I know this outfit is what I wont be wearing on the sunny beaches of Mexico, but I had such a good time dressing up all ladylike. Sometimes it feels so good to wear a crisp blazer and a pretty blouse accentuated by red lipstick. My little photographer caught me laughing a few times and I just loved how the pictures turned out. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I'll be blogging from Mexico a few times, probably while lounging on the deck of my ocean view room in 30 degree weather. Don't be too jealous!

Blazer, pants & purse, H&M | Blouse, Sparkle & Fade
Belt, Danier | Booties, Nine West | Russian Red lipstick, MAC

01 May 2011

a beautiful burst of colour

Finally, some colour in my wardrobe! One of my favourite purchases this Spring is definitely my bright pink Zara skirt. I have worn it so many times in a variety of ways - dressed down or dressed up, it always looks fabulous. There's something about a bright colour that really makes a statement. Meagan and I decided to take a little trip to Grandview Corners in White Rock over the weekend and it was such a beautiful day. It was so nice to walk around outside while browsing the little shops. We even had a celebratory treat at Cupcakes by Heather & Lori which was delicious to say the least. Well, it is the first of May today and I'm feeling like this month is going to be a great one - starting with Mexico in one week. My packing list is a mile long and I've been trying on different outfits for days. Is it terrible that I want to take 10 pairs of shoes with me? Sigh. Packing fashionably is just so hard. I hope everyone's weekend was amazing, and enjoy the sunshine Vancouverites!

Skirt, Zara | Top, Forever 21 | Blazer, H&M
Flats, Roberto Vianni | Tights, Hue | Purse, Vintage