29 June 2011

a day in red high heels

I had such a great response to my first video, which made me so incredibly happy. So happy in fact, that I decided to film my second Discovering Elegance episode last week downtown in Vancouver. I can't tell you how many curious stares I got from people as I stomped my way around the library and down the street in my sky-high heels. I felt a little silly, but it really was so much fun to film, even with the funny looks from passerby's. It helps having a great videographer, so another huge thank you to Andrew Cho. The style of this video is so different from the first, yet I love it just as much. Sunshine, texting, and sipping a chai latte from Starbucks; just a day in the life of Chelle Morgan!

Safe and Sound. Capital Cities.

27 June 2011

do more of what makes you happy

Happiness is on my mind right now. After reading The Happiness Project and writing down about 100 quotes and advice from the author Gretchen Rubin, I've decided to not only do things that make me happy, but also take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Like falling asleep on my deck in the sunshine after a long chat with my Mom. Or sipping a glass of wine while reading a good book. Or listening to a great song in the car. I've been go-go-go for the past month and it's nice to take a little time to relax and breathe. My biggest source of happiness is my family and friends, and it is so nice to be able to appreciate that fact. Another huge love is this blog, and there are so many people I have to thank for the constant support and love as Discovering Elegance grows (you know who you are)!

Ah, Fort Langley. One of my favourite little towns, full of character and perfect for walking around on a sunny day. I stopped by Wendel's Bookstore & Cafe for coffee and bought a fabulous vintage leopard-printed purse from The Little White House & Co. which has some amazing finds. Photographer Andrew Cho and I ventured just outside town to find a gorgeous field to shoot a few pictures and my first video! So, so, so happy with how everything turned out.

Blouse, Banana Republic | Shorts and Blazer, Urban Outfitters
Sandals (shown in video), Bamboo | Jewellery & Sunnies, gifted | Hat, Aldo

P.S. Watch Discovering Elegance's first video here!

26 June 2011

sign on the dotted line

Sunday's are a perfect day for inspiration, don't you think? Browsing the street style images from Mens Fashion Week in Milan, I came across this photo and immediately fell in love with the vintage Gucci blouse and skirt. It is just the perfect Italian mix, simple and chic paired with an oversized ivory clutch. Amazing patterns have been popping up everywhere this season and I'm sad to say that I don't own even one piece of dotted clothing. I'm thinking that has to change. I love the retro-glam aspect that polka dots can bring to an outfit, especially for the summer months coming up. Will you be wearing dotted styles this season? Happy Sunday everyone!

Silk Blouse, Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sun dress, Maggie and Me

20 June 2011

young and free in the sun

I mentioned some new changes happening to my blog and this is one of them: Discovering Elegance on film. I've been playing with the idea of adding video posts for a while now, and I'm so happy with how this first one turned out! Not only do I get to showcase my outfit, but my readers can have a taste of what I'm all about, instead of just from my photos. Short and sweet, this video sums up everything that I wanted it to. Shot in a field just outside of Fort Langley town, I braved the bumble bees and tall grass (both which I am allergic to) and had the best time filming. A huge thanks to Andrew Cho who is ridiculously talented behind the lens. I hope you all enjoy the video, and let me know what you think! Have an amazing Monday everyone.

Mango Tree. Angus & Julia Stone

19 June 2011

daddy's little girl

For my Dad  the only person that understands my love of Nancy Drew classics and the one who never fails to make me feel like a princess. Thank you for passing on to me your sweet tooth, fascination with history, love of reading, and 1000-piece puzzle skills. I only hope someday I can barbecue a mean rack of ribs that rival yours; I was thrilled when you told me your secret recipe. This photo taken in the summer of '94 is a reminder of those family vacations to Parksville when we'd fly kites and build sandcastles until I fell asleep or got hungry. You were my hero then, and still are.

Love you Dad! Happy Father's Day.

18 June 2011

a refreshing new direction

I've been brainstorming for a while now what changes I've wanted to make to Discovering Elegance and everything has finally (and slowly) come together. Starting with a layout overhaul, which for an indecisive girl like me took forever to finish, I finally feel like my blog is refreshed! A brighter colour to start off the Summer season, a different font and sidebar buttons to liven up the feel of the blog, and a brand new header image. I also have a weekly series in the works, as well as a little multimedia action. I'm in a great frame of mind to post more and take on new challenges! Can you tell I'm excited??

The other week I took a little trip to Crescent Beach in White Rock to shoot photos on the pier. It ended up being a beautiful day, rare for us Vancouverites right now with the rain and permanent cloud that we're dealing with. The wind was driving me crazy (did the weather not know how long I had spent curling my hair?) but my amazing photographer Andrew Cho is the master at capturing those 'in the moment' shots. A big thanks to him for shooting these pictures to launch my new website direction!

Blouse & dress (as skirt), Forever 21 | Purse, Nine West
Necklace, Aldo & Gifted | Sandals, Zara | Belt, Calvin Klein

11 June 2011

seaworthy styles on my mind

I've never been a huge fan of stripes myself, but seeing them styled in so many different ways this season has definitely changed my mind. When I saw the Jeffrey Campbell heels on Modcloth (so perfect for Summer!) I couldn't help but create a little inspiration board full of nautical niceness. What I love most about stripes is their versatility; it's so easy to create both a casual beachside outfit and a girly nighttime outfit. Not to mention, stripes are perfect for mixing with other patterns and bold colours, transforming something simple to on-trend and blogworthy. How are you styling the stripes in your closet? Today I'm off to do some major shopping in downtown Vancouver, including a visit to the new Anthropologie store on South Granville which I have had yet to step foot in. On my to buy list: the perfect black bag, a bright clutch, trousers, a patterned top, and new jeans. And of course, I'll definitely be on the look out for a nautical-inspired piece to add to my wardrobe! Have an amazing weekend everyone

Striped top, H&M $10
Cruise to Cape Cod Heels, Jeffrey Campbell $120
Multistripe Skirt, Topshop
Cabana Stripe Canvas, Kate Spade $325
Shadow-stripe Scarf, Madewell $50
Schooner Stripe Dress, Marc by Marc Jacobs $98
Pink Bikini, French Connection $70
University Espadrille, Toms $40
Pink and Blue Watch, Lacoste $95
Denim Stripe Hotpants, Topshop 
Red Stripe Hair Clips, Topshop
Striped Backpack, Zara $50

09 June 2011

if you like piña coladas

A month ago I had the most amazing time with one of my best friends Meagan in Mexico. My fashionista in crime, you could say we spent plenty of hours coordinating outfits (everything from our sunglasses to our floral patterns to our nail polish) and whenever one of us needed a confidence boost for what to wear out on the town, we were prepared to give honest advice. If you don't have a blogger-bff I suggest you find one, because 1) we fully understand the concept of being fashionably late and 2) taking outfit photos is way less awkward. The trip was full of tanning, sunshine, drinks and good food; I couldn't have asked for more. We ended up taking just under 700 pictures (a tad narcissistic?) so I thought a little photo diary was necessary to document our stay. Unfortunately my tan is starting to fade and Vancouver is seeing very little warm weather, but this Mexico trip has definitely gotten me so excited for Summer. I hope you all have a chance to plan a little getaway in the upcoming months - I'd definitely recommend Mexico! Adios bonitas.

03 June 2011

sunshine makes me happy

I think Mother Nature heard my pleas the other day because this weekend the forecast is sunshine and I could not be happier. Vancouver, you have not completely failed me! Right now I am sitting on my deck, iced chai latte in hand and the sun on my shoulders. I think blogging outdoors is going to officially be my new favourite past-time. In follow up to my coral post yesterday, I decided to style this Zara top that I picked up last month. I absolutely love the colour, and the style of it is perfect for a more laid back, casual outfit. I've thrown it on with jeans, a skinny belt and flats, and ran out the door feeling great! I've actually spent most of this sunny day running errands, which is not ideal, but it's funny how being stuck in traffic is a million times more enjoyable when the weather is gorgeous and country music is playing. Now I'm off to dinner with a friend to sit on the patio and sip a little vino! Have an amazing Friday everyone.

Top & shorts, Zara | Boots, Nine West | Purse, H&M
Blazer, Banana Republic | Necklace, Le Chateau | Ring, Forever 21

02 June 2011

charmed by coral

Usually I love the start of a new month. It gives me a little mental note that I have an opportunity to start fresh (or attempt to, at least). Eating healthier and working out more often usually fall under this category. But right now, June is here and it is pouring rain in Vancouver Raincouver. Especially after my trip to Mexico, I am in major sunshine withdrawal. Luckily, I have fashion on my side. Not only am I becoming inspired by the neon colours that are everywhere this year, but I'm slowly turning over my wardrobe from neutrals to brights. One of my absolute favourite colours to rock right now is coral. The orange shade looks amazing with classic colours like beige or gray, but also makes such a statement when colour blocked with a kelly green or hot pink. I couldn't resist putting together a few of my favourite pieces (I'm in love with the bold Zara trench). You can be sure I'll be brightening up this dreary weather with a coral-inspired outfit very soon!

Linen pants, J.Crew $170
Heels, Steve Madden $130

Trench, Zara $90
Floppy hat, Juicy Couture $78
Ruched Dress, Topshop $95
Sunglasses, Forever 21 $6
Playsuit, Miss Selfridge $50
Platform Sandal, Zara $100
Jigsaw Bracelet, Leighelena $105
Hot & Spicy, OPI $12
Swimsuit, Heidi Klein $84
Double-buckle clutch, Topshop $50
Watch, Juicy Couture $200