16 January 2012

polished parka

I was coveting this parka from Aritzia for the longest time, but the price just didn't fit my budget. And really, is Vancouver cold enough for a parka? Well, I was proved wrong this week with our chilly temperatures and nice dusting of snow! Luckily I snagged this coat in a similar style during boxing week for a cool $50. Add in my favourite leather boots, a striped shirt and a messy top knot, and I've come up with one of my new go-to outfits for running errands or an early class at SFU. What are your own go-to outfits? And, I hope everyone in Vancouver stays safe in the snowfall this week!

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Parka, Costa Blanca | Top, H&M
Boots & purse, Aldo | Tights, The Gap

Photography by Andrew Cho


  1. I've been wanting to get my hands on a parka too! This one is fab!

  2. I've been coveting that parka from Aritzia too! My cousin has it and says it almost too warm. haha. I love the one you found though! Looks just like it.

    xo Ashley

  3. This parka is perfect! This has been on my list all winter, but livIng in MC have a hard time justifying the purchase. Where did you find this one ?

    xo Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  4. LOVE the parka! It looks so warm and cozy. I've been meaning to buy a parka myself but never got around to it....


  5. Love the jacket! Great winter purchase.

  6. This parka is gorgeous! And for $50? Love it!

  7. Love the parka :)

    I think someone posted that last pic of you on one of the Tumblrs that I saw this morning.


  8. Lovely jacket. Can't go wrong with a great parka!

  9. These photos are amazing and I love love love those boots. Your skin is fabulous- love face!

  10. So cute girl, I need a winter coat like nobodies business. I'm freezin out here is the STL!!!!!



  11. Too cute, Chelle! It's definitely parka weather now... I have a TNA one that I've had for years and I love pulling it out when it's like this!

    xo, alison*elle

  12. your parka and boots are gorgeous!



  13. I think I'm just really cold all the time! Even in my Aritzia parka I don't feel warm enough-and I wear a big heavy track jacket underneath! Now I've got my eye on a Mackage parka that had down and is lined with fur.

    I don't know how I'd manage living anywhere else in Canada where they have "real" winters!

    That parka looks great on you and such a good price!


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